2014 Blog Year In Review – 500,000 pageviews

2014 was a fine year for My Own Advisor thanks to every reader and visitor.  Today’s blogpost will highlight a few milestones for the site and share some reflections when it comes to my favourite posts for the year that was.

Site Traffic

The end of 2014 marked my fifth year of running this site.  Here are some numbers associated with site traffic in 2014:

  • Almost 500,000 pageviews!
  • About 54% of all site traffic remains courtesy of new visitors, so I hope you keep coming back!
  • Close to 80% of all site traffic is from Canada but audiences are growing from the U.S. and the U.K – thanks to fans abroad!

Site Reflections

Here were some of my favourite articles from 2014 by month:

January 2014 – Do you really need $1 million saved and invested to retire well?  Here was my answer.

February 2014 – I think contributing to a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) makes great financial “cents” if you do this…

March 2014 – I shared some investing keys we can all apply from Warren Buffett here.

April 2014 – Find out some ways to be a cheapass.

May 2014 – I write about saving and investing but I also have this much debt…

June 2014 – Here are some top international equity Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) to consider for your portfolio.

July 2014 – These are some investing truths you can take all the way to the bank.

August 2014 – There are many ways to destroy your financial plan; I listed four ways to make a total mess of it.

September 2014 – Here is the nitty-gritty on what you need to know about money management fees.

October 2014 – I reviewed this investing book, a book you can still download for free here.

November 2014 – Using my own portfolio, here is a case study using capital losses to offset capital gains.

December 2014 – We planned, we saw, we conquered these financial goals.

All my Archives can be found here.

Looking Ahead?

Here is what I’d like to boldly see for the site in 2015:

  • Average over 60,000 pageviews per month.  Why not?!
  • Get moving on an ebook so you can download it from my site.

I look forward to sharing more about our financial journey and all things personal finance in 2015.  Stay along for the ride and thanks for reading and sharing with friends.

My name is Mark Seed - the founder, editor and owner of My Own Advisor. As my own DIY financial advisor, I'm looking to start semi-retirement soon, sooner than most. Find out how, what I did, and what you can learn to tailor your own financial independence path. Join the newsletter read by thousands each day, always FREE.

32 Responses to "2014 Blog Year In Review – 500,000 pageviews"

  1. Now if only you had been around 15 or 20 years ago, we sure wasted a lot of opportunities investing with safe bank GICs and funds.

    Luckilly our frugal ways whiile we caught up a good habits to carrry into retirement.

    1. It sounds like you’re on a good path Richard. I know I wasted many years investing the wrong way, in the wrong products. I finally feel like things are coming together. I just need to be patient and keep doing what I’m doing I think.

  2. Congratulations on your well-deserved success Mark! I’m more impressed your consistency (5 years) than your popularity (pageviews) — though both are nice!

    Best wishes with your goals. My 2015 focus is shifting to YouTube, which allows more visual communication. My blog then becomes the place to post the script and embed the videos. At least that’s the plan!

  3. Congrats on reaching almost 500k pageviews, that’s a lot of views! With such great contents I can understand why people keep coming back for more. Let’s have an excellent 2015!

    1. It’s thanks to folks like you as well Mark, the support and bouncing ideas off of that make this site enjoyable to run, and also provides a vehicle for learning.

      Thanks again and stay in touch throughout 2015. Happy New Year to you and family!

  4. 500,000 views; that is absolutely remarkable! your site is so down to earth and easy to read i shouldn’t be surprised. keep up the good work and i’m looking forward to the ebook.

    1. Geez, great things to say Gary. I don’t know what to say other than it’s great to hear from readers in this regard and I enjoy running the site. Thanks for the support and stay in touch in 2015!


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