2011 Stock Selection Contest – Courtesy of The Financial Blogger

‘Tis the season for stock picking contests…

The Financial Blogger is a participant.   Here are his selections:

HUZ– Silver ETF
RIM – Research in Motion
CVX – Chevron
POT – Potash

After visiting The Financial Blogger, I decided I would send in my selections for this year. He has encouraged folks to submit their 4 stock selections to compete against his and his peers offering “a prize to the winner if you can beat our group of bloggers for the 2011 Best stock pick contest.”

Here is what I picked:

SPE – Spartan had a nice run-up in 2010 and I think it has lots of legs for 2011.  As of January 5, 2011 SPE was trading at $4.87 CDN.
HSE – “Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Husky Energy Inc. is one of Canada’s largest integrated energy and energy-related companies, with upstream, midstream and downstream segments operating from Western Canada, to offshore Canada’s East Coast, the United States, China, Indonesia and Greenland.”  Nice wording courtesy of their website.   Simply stated I think HSE is undervalued and will take off to at least $30 in 2011.  As of January 5, 2011 HSE was trading at $26.51 CDN.
BAC:US – Bank of America has taken many lumps in recent years.  Rightly so, the economic climate has not been ideal, I mean, they almost went under about 18 months ago.  It’s time to right the ship BAC.  Isn’t speculation fun?  As of January 5, 2011 BAC:US was trading at $14.50 USD.
BP:US – My real wild card.  We all know the troubles BP P.L.C has been through.  That is nothing compared to what the folks of Louisiana have lived through.  Ethics aside for the moment, I predict BP will come back strong in 2011.  BP has huge cash reserves even after billions were paid out to victims of their Gulf disaster.  The deepwater oil drilling moratorium has been lifted.  If the blowout didn’t bring them down, nothing will.  It could be the “story stock” of 2011.  Players of the market love a good story.  As of January 5, 2011 BP:US was trading at $46.50 USD.
Disclosure: I do not own any of these stocks nor do I have any plans to do so.

Again, go check out The Financial Blogger for your opportunity to speculate in 2011!

What do you think of my selections?
Who would you pick?

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