What Should You Do With Your Old Cell Phone?

Have you recently upgraded your cell phone? Do you ever question what to do with the old one? Since new cell phone models are coming out about every 6 months, previous models seem to be getting outdated – and fast.   I suppose the same is true for most tech toys nowadays. Let’s use televisions as another example.  Do you remember when your parents purchased a new TV back in the day?  How long did they keep that TV before a newer model was purchased?  If I had to guess, I would say they held onto that TV for at least 10 years and it really wasn’t outdated at that point either.  Have you purchased a TV in the last few years?  Even though it might be an HDTV it might be considered a relic when compared to 3D TVs or Smart TVs on the market now.  The HDTV you bought not that long ago could probably be purchased for half the price.  This is not meant to discourage you, instead make a point about just how fast technology advances.

Technology and impatience

In the cell phone market, not only can an entirely new model come out every 6 months but there is a continued market for that new phone because of our societal impatience and insecurity.  Call it consumerism at its best.  If some people don’t have the newest gadget they may not feel part of the “in crowd”.  This is why you see long lines outside of the Apple store when the newest iPhone comes out. It’s not that all of these people have never owned a cell phone before and would like one. They just want the next best thing on the market before many others.  If that’s you, you need to have the latest tech toy then the question is – what should you do with your old cell phone?

What happens to the old phones?

Many people that recently bought the iPhone 5 had a perfectly good iPhone4 or 4S, so what do you think they did with them?  If I had to venture a guess, I’d say that a large majority of these folks just kept the old ones, perhaps for a backup.  Others may be trying to unlock their phones in order to sell them on the web, but one of the least time-consuming ways to make a quick buck for your phone would be with a phone trade in. There are websites out there that will pay decent money for your phone, and the whole process is painless.

Why should you recycle?

So what if you didn’t trade in your cell phone or sell it on the web? What if it just sat there in a box – unused?  In our age of reuse, reduce and recycle you’ve got other options instead of the garbage bin.  Did you know there recycling laws and campaigns in some U.S. states?  There are plenty of people out there that actually have a need for a cell phone.  If yours still works and you’ve got the latest tech toy already then it would almost be a crime not to recycle it.  Plus, you can get a few bucks out of the deal.

Have you ever thought of recycling your old(er) cell phone? 

Have you ever traded your phone in for cash?

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2 Responses to "What Should You Do With Your Old Cell Phone?"

  1. My old cell phone? I’m still using it!

    I buy a phone and then run it long past it’s apparently useful life. Then I upgrade to near top of line when the phone is either ready to be packed in, or there’s new tech that I actually need.

    I had a clamshell long enough that the rep laughed when I brought it in. Upgraded to a top of the line blackberry that had a full tough screen, was bleeding edge at the time. I kept that until about 1-2 years ago when I upgraded to an android because the blackberry screen was unuseable.. Next step in a couple more years will likely be the new generation of samsungs that are coming out (smartphones, but with much different functionality than in current smartphones).

    I think it’s pretty good advice to skip every other generation of phones. Buying them more frequently just makes you a victim of fashion :).


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