Weekend Reading – TSX dogs, insurance and debt, big banks and more

Welcome to your Weekend Reading list folks.  Earlier this week I shared these articles on my site:

Retirement Numbers and Rules,

Why Staycations Are Worth It,

June 2014 Dividend Income Update.

Enjoy these articles below and see you here next week.  Go Ottawa #RedBlacks!

Here are 10 dogs of the TSX, stocks you probably already own directly, in your ETF, or in your pension plan.

LSM Insurance wondered if homeowners are insuring their debt loads enough.   I say, not likely.

Sean Cooper on MDJ said to think twice about a mortgage with any big bank.

A warning from Glenn Cooke about buying life insurance online from banks.

MoneySense told us basic cellphone service is up.  I suspect telco earnings are up and that means dividends will be up again soon.

Passive Income Earner discussed the Smith Manoeuvre.

Dividend Mantra believes saving is more effective and earning more money.

Read about the margin of safety and more, thanks to Ken Faulkenberry here.

Young & Thrifty wondered if you could live debt-free.

Earn Save Grow suggested multiple income streams are the way to go to create a modern emergency fund.

This investor earned close to $1,000 in dividends last month.  That’s becoming an impressive passive part-time job without doing anything.

The guys at My University Money recommended you change your school major if you’re bored.

Michael James on Money wrote about the glass ceiling after reading Sherry Cooper’s experience in the Globe and Mail.  I thought her comment in the article was interesting, not really too sure what to make of it:  “If the world had been full of female traders instead of male traders” the meltdown (financial meltdown 2008-2009) would have been avoided.  That’s just so easy to say but impossible to prove.

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10 Responses to "Weekend Reading – TSX dogs, insurance and debt, big banks and more"

  1. Mark,

    Thanks for including me! Much appreciated. Hope you have a great weekend.

    And keep up the great work with the dividend income. Almost $8,800 is just awesome, my friend!

    Best wishes.

  2. Mark says:

    Getting there, thanks! I have to (do everything possible to) stay ahead of a popular, American blogger from Michigan.

  3. I agree that Cooper’s comment is impossible to prove. I find it funny when people observe the nature of men in powerful positions and say that women would be less overconfident and self-serving. But the women who claw their way to powerful positions are not like typical women; they’re much the same as the powerful men. Typical men aren’t much like powerful men either.

  4. Thanks for the good reads! Have a nice weekend mate. CBB

  5. Mark says:

    “But the women who claw their way to powerful positions are not like typical women; they’re much the same as the powerful men.” My experience is they have the same egocentric maniac tendencies. The only thing that is different is the gender :)

  6. Thank you for including me Mark!

  7. Thanks for linking up to my site, Mark.
    Much appreciated. Continue on your journey towards the $30,000 mark, at $8800 you’re almost at $10K in no time. You’re killing it!
    Take care!

  8. Mark says:

    All good…I enjoy reading about your progress even though you are ahead of me :)

  9. Mark says:

    No sweat Ken!

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