Weekend Reading – The power of the TFSA and much more


This week, we read about little things and powerful things.

Starting with little things, we watched NDP rookie MP Sana Hassainia pressed into leaving her seat just ahead of a House vote, because she was accompanied by her three-month-old boy, Skander-Jack. Sana brought the baby into the chamber because she could not find her husband, before the vote on the long-gun registry. I guess this takes the “take your child to work” practice to a whole new level!

Regarding powerful things, I’d like to thank Bryan Borzykowski again for profiling me in The Toronto Star. The article discussed the increasing power of the Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA). If you didn’t get a chance to read it, check it out and let me know what you think.

I also made time to read my favourite blogs this week to come up with the list below for you. I hope this provides some great weekend reading material.

Have a safe, happy and healthy weekend and thanks for reading!

Rob Carrick said to defend savings from a surprise tax grab.

Andrew Hallam shared when the underdog fights.

Since I’m mentioning Andrew Hallam, Balance Junkie did a fine review of his book, Millionaire Teacher.

Beating The Index asked why is Parallel Energy Trust in the penalty box?

Boomer & Echo said I hate paying fees. You and I both!

Canadian Capitalist took issue with penny stocks as investments.

Canadian Couch Potato wondered if active funds are adding value.

Big Cajun Man asked…did you know the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) had a YouTube account? I didn’t.

Dividend Guy asked, as an investor, what annoys you the most? For me it’s talking financial heads. Nobody, including all the financial experts, can accurately predict the future.

Dividend Monk reviewed 3M.

Dividend Ninja had a guest post that said I love REITs! This article was good enough to catch the attention of Rob Carrick at the Globe & Mail this week. Nicely done!

Krystal Yee from Give Me Back My Five Bucks is giving you a chance to win a copy of H&R Block’s at Home Online Tax Program.

The Passive Income Earner released some interesting results from his investing survey.

Retire Happy Blog had a post entitled: Should you keep your winners and sell your losers?

My buddy The Daily Thinker provided a nice overview of HostPapa.

My University Money discussed financial engineers vs. real engineers.

BankNerd told us about increasing interest rates for lines of credit. I’m SOO happy ours is finally paid off!

Crystal from BITFS gave us her portfolio update.

Young & Thrifty continued her net worth ascent.

Speaking of Young & Thrifty, Mark from The Blunt Bean Counter had a little fun with his post that said he was a little older and not so thrifty when compared to Y&T.

Financial God discussed Harper’s plan to toy with the Old Age Security (OAS) program.

Mike Holman from Money Smarts Blog decided to have a special sale for his readers and reduced the price of his RESP Book, Kindle e-book version to $4.99. Get it quickly because this price will go back up soon!

Prairie EcoThrifter shared 5 simple ways to help combat world hunger. I really liked this post. No doubt many third world countries are in dire conditions, but you can help close to home as well. Donate to your local food bank as often as you can or other organizations that help those in daily need. In our city, we contribute to this worthy organization.

Kevin from Invest It Wisely wrote about how to quit your job with grace.

Susan Brunner reviewed another company I own this week: Shaw Communications.

Larry MacDonald wrote about 7 RRSP contribution suggestions.

Sustainable Personal Finance had a guest post by Teacher Man that said renewable energy isn’t just for tree huggers. Totally agree.

Preet Banerjee from Where Does All My Money Go had a guest post entitled: I hope you are not waiting for an RRSP refund.

Michael James on Money wrote about Moneyball. He said “I’ve never read a book about baseball I liked more than Moneyball by Michael Lewis.” I really need to read this book and watch the movie.

Million Dollar Journey wondered if you will be buying the Facebook IPO. My answer is, not a chance. (By the way – Facebook has been valued around $100 billion. Mr. Zuckerberg will be retaining 28% or so of the company, that means, he’ll be worth about $28 Billion. Not bad…I guess.)

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    Kidding aside MOA, your weekly reading is hands down the best weekly roundup around 🙂 Thanx for the mention, nice to be included along 29 of the best!!

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