Weekend Reading – Summer Slowdown Edition

Geez, hard to believe Labour Day weekend is next weekend.   That warning sign means we need to crank-it-up a few notches my friends and really soak up the sun, bright skies and everything summer has to offer now.  It won’t be long before summer is gone 🙁

To that end, my wife and I are planning another weekend filled with BBQ, beer and entertaining friends.  We’re really looking forward to it!  Whatever your plans are, make them fun, make them last.  Summer is simply too short in our Great White North.

Back to bright spots, throughout the blogosphere, I found tons of great articles this week.  Take time to check them out, I’ve captured many of my favourites below, I think you’ll be glad you did.

I’ll be back again next week with a post I thought I would get to this week but didn’t, my saving and investing rules of thumb.  Stay tuned for that!

Now, on to the articles…

Kevin from Invest It Wisely had an awesome post this week about gold, questionning whether it will be the mother of all market bubbles or not.   If you only read a few articles this weekend, make this one a must.  Very well done!

The Wealthy Canadian wins the award for the busiest blogger of the week – hands down.   The reason I know he was busy – I read every post he writes and whoa, this week, there was a bunch of articles!   All great stuff TWC.  Go check out at least one (if not all) his great articles from this past week:

My Last Will and Testament

My Fitness Goals Against Edition

Free at 45 How Does That Sound to You?   If you’re asking me TWC, that sounds very good 🙂

Canadian Mortgage Trends said many of us are on the path of debt till death.  The blogpost said of those surveyed “36% of those who intend to stay in their homes after retirement said they would consider leveraging their home equity to get through their older years.”  Geez, “leveraging” and “through their older years” doesn’t sound very good does it?

The Passive Income Earner asked us about the benefits of breaking your mortgage.  He also posted his 7 Links Project post.  Nice stuff!

Canadian Capitalist informed us about BMO’s initiative to allow U.S. dollar registered accounts.  This might be something I will look into.

Boomer & Echo discussed how a family can survive and thrive on a single income.

The Millionaire Teacher had a few great posts this week.  The first one I read, he sold $50,000 worth of bonds.  Whoa.  The second post I read, said he would not buy popular dividend-paying stocks.  Now Andrew, this is where we differ but I think you were just joking…weren’t you?

The Dividend Ninja shared his 7 Links Project post.  What a great roundup of posts Ninja!

Krystal at GMBMFB discussed the growth of her freelance business.  Well done!

Preet from WDAMMG informed us that a $0.01 drop in the cost of gas could equate to about $1.4 billion that could be used to stimulate the U.S. economy. 

My University Money said party hard but save hard.

The Dividend Pig said dividend stocks are not popular.

Retire Happy Blog has some strategies for you to deal with market volatility.

Dan from Canadian Couch Potato had some fun with advice that should suit any investor.

Dividend Mantra posted his 7 Links Project article.

The Dividend Blog Guy gave us his top free U.S. stock screeners. 

Dividend Monk gave an excellent dividend stock analysis of Waste Management.  

Michael James discussed $10,000 gold.

Mike from Money Smarts Blog told us about price discrepancies at the register and how you might be able to score some discounts from them.  He, like other bloggers this week were quick to point out what Vanguard has unveiled with respect to their ETF offerings in Canada.  If the management fees are lower than iShares or Claymore, I might be listening.

On the gold theme once more this week, Canadian Personal Finance Blog gave us some great stories about gold.

Last, but certainly not least, dividend stock analysis guru extraordinaire Susan Brunner provided her analysis of Keyera Corp.

See you next week folks!

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13 Responses to "Weekend Reading – Summer Slowdown Edition"

  1. Thanks for the great mention, Mark! Interestingly enough gold is down $150 from the peak! It seems like the margin hikes are forcing weak hands out of the game.

    I don’t mind. So long as Treasuries are paying peanuts and the government tries all sorts of bailouts, stimulus, and god knows what else… cheaper gold is a good insurance policy to pick up!

    1. @Invest It Wisely,

      No problems, that post was really well done! Yeah, gold is down, and I it might go down even further. I recall gold prices have tripled since 2006. My salary hasn’t tripled since then, neither has the house I now live in, nor anything else on earth for that matter. What goes up….

      You’re right, Treasuries are paying next to nothing. Not much is making money over the last few years, except maybe Google or Apple. I wonder what will happen now that Jobs is gone?

  2. Woah! What a round up. I hope you had a stiff coffee while compiling that – great job.

    I’m going fishing with family for labor day weekend and I can’t wait!

    I totally agree in that ya gotta soak things up before winter starts to set in. Nothing beats a BBQ and a few Coors Light IMO 🙂

    Great posts this week – keep up the fantastic work.

    Have a great weekend and thanks for the mentions!

  3. Thanks for the mention, Mark! The students are already coming back to University and things are picking up at work. You’re right, summer is too short up here. Enjoy your weekend!


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