Weekend Reading – summer is here edition

Well, I think summer has finally sprung in Ottawa.  Not that this picture is from Ottawa mind you; my wife and I live nowhere near this type of real estate.

I was inspired to post this picture because the weather has improved drastically over the last week or so.  Instead of days on end of rain, we’ve experienced high-20s (with the humidity it’s been mid-30s) weather filled with hot sun and beautiful breezes in the National Capital Region.

I’m lovin’ it 🙂

While there seems to be some rain in the weekend weather forecast, I certainly feel like summer has arrived after a long, cold, drawn-out winter.

I don’t know about you, but yardwork and chores are calling my name this weekend.  We’ve got an 0.5 acre lot to maintain, but we’re certainly not complaining.  We love being outdoors.  Come to think of it, doing yardwork isn’t that bad when the weather is this great.  It does however take me a bit longer to mow the lawn, not because of the heat but because there are cold sips of beer amongst many rows of long grass.   Hey, I might as well enjoy the process right??

Amidst a busy work week that saw me travel to Sudbury, then Charlottetown, then back home to Ottawa within a few days, I did manage to read a few blogposts and write a few of my own.  Here are some of my favourite articles from this past week.  Maybe once your outdoor chores are done over the next few days, you can check out these posts too.  Then again, maybe you can procrastinate and simply enjoy the weather.   It’s your weekend afterall, the choice is up to you.  Enjoy it!

I’ll be back next week with hopefully, an update on my dividend income for May.  On that, I’ve got more good news to share so stay tuned 🙂

101 Centavos wrote about long supply chains and business ideas.

Our favourite Millionaire Teacher talked about Michael O’Higgins and why he’s a fan of him.

Balance Junkie told us how to put money in its place.

One of my favourite guys to follow, especially when it comes to success with junior stocks, bought another stock on his path to Beating The Index.

Echo told us why he loves shopping at Costco.

Larry MacDonald asked:  Bye QE2, hello QE3?

Canadian Capitalist told us what would make Vanguard coming to Canada, really meaningful for investors.  Ram also provided readers with an update on his Sleepy Mini Portfolio, his passive approach to building wealth using TD e-series funds.

Dan Bortolotti from Canadian Couch Potato discussed the risks associated with swap-based ETFs with Jaime Purvis, Executive Vice-President, National Accounts, for Horizons ETFs.

Big Cajun Man discussed the City of Ottawa’s water ban in his neck of our city.  I’m with him, watering your lawn is just, watering your lawn.  Don’t we (civilization) need water for more important things?  Just sayin’.

Dividend Growth Investor wrote about the lifecycle of, well, a dividend investor.

Dividend Mantra revealed how he saved about $1,500 by organizing training for work, his vacation and family visit together.  Nicely done!

Dividend Monk did an outstanding stock analysis on one of my favourites stocks, Coca-Cola.  Long (live) KO:US. 🙂

Dividend Partisan provided everyone with his June portfolio update.

DIY Investor asked his readers how to measure investment risk?

Financial Uproar gave folks an update, and his take, on Nokia.

Gail Vaz-Oxlade continued her series about “The Way We Save”

Kevin from Invest It Wisely told the world why he squirrels away money.

Susan Brunner, who receives lots of dividends from lots of companies, continued her excellent analyses of Canadian dividend-paying stocks.  This week, she checked out Emera.  I own this one too 🙂

Michael James offered his perspectives (which I agree with) about risks associated with covered-call ETFs. Personally, I’m not touching these things.

Mike from Money Smarts Blog said you can make a guaranteed 20% return in your RESP!

One of Canada’s most popular bloggers asked his readers:  Can one save too much money?

Jim Yih had an interesting post how believing can help you become wealthy. My comment to Jim was believing
(in yourself), personal finance or any other dicipline, is one of life’s most valuable tenants.

Sustainable Personal Finance had an excellent tip about avoiding paper waste.

The Dividend Guy Blog asked if you play with ex-dividend dates? I definitely don’t date, I’m a married man!

I read an excellent article from my Passive Income Earner friend who discussed the merits of dividend growth and DRIPping your dividends to build wealth.   I’m with you here Passive.

I checked out YoungandThirfty’s net worth this week, and for a 20-something who just went into mortgage debt, it remains very impressive!

The Dividend Pig shared a new site with his readers, saying “I think anyone who invests in stocks needs to know about it.”

Although The Dividend Ninja is very focused on achieving financial freedom using dividend-paying stocks, this week he provided some excellent advice for passive investors, actually, all investors:  don’t forget to keep some bonds “short”! I’m doing just that Ninja – my post about that is coming soon.

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!

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  1. Thanks for the mention! I don’t know about my net worth being impressive, but I’m tryin’! 🙂 Thanks for putting that picture up too- I love looking at turquoise blue waters.

    Have fun mowing the lawn! Did you get one of those seated ATV-like lawn mowers?

    1. No worries. I try to check-in as much as I can. I really enjoy your articles about food and gardening in particular. I always learn something. Keep up the great work!


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