Weekend Reading – Retiring overseas, fighting inflation and conflicting goals

Hi all, and welcome to your Weekend Reading list.  I had a few posts this week, encouraging folks to consider using the Canada Pension Plan to model their portfolio after and I shared some Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF) basics.

Here are some of my favourite articles from this past week.

Boomer and Echo gave us a number of things to think about when retiring overseas.

Rob Carrick said for income investors, the best inflation hedge is a stock that raises its dividends every year.  For example, TD, National Bank and RBC have grown their dividends by between 7-9% annually over the past five years. The cost of living was up an average 1.7% per year over the same period.

Larry Swedroe wrote about conflicting goals for investors.  What goal is more important to you, sleeping well at night or taking on more (equity) risk for an earlier retirement?

Michael James on Money says you should consider CRA as a partner with your RRSP.

Young and Thrifty has a travel bucket list.

The Blunt Bean Counter told us about this big TFSA blunder to avoid.

BrighterLife shared some personal finance spring cleaning tips.

Based on a recent BMO RRSP deadline survey, RRSP contributions were down.

Dividend Ninja wondered what a dividend champion is.

Frugal Trader is getting closer to his goal….which is one helluva milestone.

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8 Responses to "Weekend Reading – Retiring overseas, fighting inflation and conflicting goals"

  1. I’m still wondering what Frugal Trader will do upon hitting the million-dollar mark. Thanks for the mention.

  2. Mark, thanx for the mention! ;)


  3. Hey Mark,
    Thanks for the good reads. Have a great weekend.

  4. I agree with Rob Carrick – dividend increases are the best hedge against inflation. For me not too significant now as I don’t rely on that income but when I do upon retiring it will definitely help. Have a good weekend Mark

    • Mark says:

      Absolutely Dan. I need to focus on more growth in my RRSP vs. dividend stocks. Over time, I will switch from growth to income for the same reasons!

  5. TCI says:

    I have been doing some heavy thinking lately about investment and retirement that it wise nice to dream a bit with the travel bucket list of my own. I am glad to see that I have done most of the young and thrifty list. But, my list is much more extensive. And I actually dream to live in exotic place, not just visit.

    • Mark says:

      For sure…. I know my wife and I love travelling but with the mortgage we have, can’t take off as much as we’d like. Hopefully in another 10 years, that will change.

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