Weekend Reading – Ottawa Senators fever and tons of great blogs

Now that the NHL playoffs are here, I suspect much less work is going to get done around the house.  If I have some work to do, at least I’ve got The Score app loaded on my BlackBerry for real time updates during every game.  Nah, who am I kidding….I’ll be watching every minute of every game.  The second hockey season is here.  It’s the only one that matters.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a strong start to the series for my Ottawa Senators versus the New York Rangers in Game #1, Round #1.  A good friend of mine is a die-hard Rangers fan and I was cursing his name often during the game.  He could probably hear me in Stratford.  While I’m pumped for the playoffs I need to get over my Sens loss on Broadway.

While I recover from my Senators 4-2 loss, here are some great blogs to check out this weekend.  Game #1 is in the books , Game #2 is on Saturday and I can’t wait.  As a Sens fan, I suppose it could always be worse, like, my team didn’t make the playoffs at all (ahem, Toronto) 😉

Until next week, have a great weekend!

The Dividend Guy provided readers with an update on his 2012 Best Dividend Stocks Picks.  I liked most of his selections but RadioShack as part of his list?  Really?

Retire by 40 shared his March 2012 cash flow.

Larry MacDonald wrote about investing and sociability.

Vicky took some time out from her blog to write a post for Dividend Ninja, providing readers an overview of a popular Canadian ETF:  XIC.  “When choosing to invest in XIC, you choose to invest in the long-term capital growth of the largest companies in Canada.”  My friend also had another good post this week:  one of the biggest stock picking mistakes.

MDJ provided some timely advice for those working on filing their taxes, check out some great information about Canadian tax deductions and tax credits available to you.

Financial Highway wondered how Canadian tax rates compare to the rest of the world.

Michael James on Money said investing is like driving on a punctured tire, if you pay high management fees.  “Seemingly low MERs like 2% are actually applied every year, and they add up to big money over many years. To make this clearer, a while back I coined a new 25-year measure called the Management Expense Ratio per Quarter century (MERQ).”

Boomer & Echo wondered if a reverse mortgage makes sense for seniors.   Sounds like more cons than pros to me.  Check out this well written post.

Prairie EcoThrifter had some tips to get more sleep.  Adequately managing stress is a big one for me and I’m slowly getting better at it.  Thanks for the tips Miss T.

Beating The Index discussed the Canadian interest rate forecast for 2012.

Dividend Mantra shared his dividend income update for March 2012.  Great work!

Sustainable Personal Finance highlighted a stock I own:  TransAlta.

The Loonie Bin wrote about the woes of a saver.

The Blunt Bean Counter continued his confessions of a tax accountant.

101 Centavos scribed Part 2, about raised garden beds:  “Tis the season to garden and put in new garden beds.  In Part 1 of this article a couple days ago, we went over in detail the new and improved hugelkultur bed.”  Check out his latest post for more hows and whys of raised garden beds.  I’ve started to get some supplies for ours.  I’ll likely have a post about it over the next month.

Where Does All My Money Go discussed the wild Instagram ride:  from $500 million to $1 billion valuation in one week!

Marissa provided an overview of BMO Investor Line.

BankNerd announced a new Air Miles Canada promotion.

Retire Happy Blog wondered if it’s time to sell your bonds.  I know for my portfolio, I’m going to keep XBB DRIPping every month.  I like keeping my investments on autopilot as much as possible.  I won’t be selling.

Canadian Mortgage Trends said people are starting to fear, they are “missing the boat”.  Among top mortgage-related fears:  home prices and mortgage rates are increasing.  Debt is a lower priority.

Big Cajun Man wanted you to know, RESPs are probably only going to cover your child’s tuition fees, nothing else.

Andrew Hallam shared Warren Buffett’s latest investment tip.

Passive Income Earner posted his top-20 dividend stocks for April 2012.

Young & Thrifty shared her April 2012 net worth update.

My University Money said ‘Till Debt Do Us Part is ridiculous and humiliating.

Invest It Wisely shared some things you need to know before becoming a freelancer.

Canadian Capitalist dove into the performance of the Horizons Enhanced Income Equity ETF:  HEX.

Canadian Couch Potato compared ING’s Streetwise Fund vs. TD E-series.  One of the things Dan mentioned in his post “the one problem with the Streetwise Funds was cost: with an original MER of 1% (now 1.07% with HST added) they were more expensive than I would have liked. After all, banks already offered index mutual funds with fees in that neighbourhood, and the TD e-Series Funds are dramatically cheaper: you can build the Global Couch Potato for a total cost of just 0.37%.”  Yet another strong case for passive investing using low cost, broad-market ETFs.

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  1. How many play-off rounds have the senators won against the leafs by the way?……………..Let me think…….. I think none.

    And also yes there has been a lot of good blog reading lately – very informative.


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