Weekend Reading – My Own Advisor on the Radio Edition

Love.  Hate.  On-again.  Off-again.  Up.  Down.  The markets have certainly had some fun with investors’ emotions this past week.  The Dow Jones was over the place, but it had a good day today, closing up 4%.  We’ve had just as much fun at home as well.  After a rocky start to the week our S&P/TSX index closed 3% higher today.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings 🙂

No doubt these are turbulent times, I’m not trying to trivialize things, but like many of the articles told me to do this week the best decision is really no decision at all.  “Hold the line” as they say.  Sure, maybe limping into a few equities is a good play when equities crash big over a few days but certainly looking at the big picture, this is no time to make any drastic decisions.  A good financial plan will weather this market ride and many others worse than it.  Simply build one and stick with it.

I not only read this advice from many fellow bloggers who share this sentiment, I was bold enough to say so myself during a radio interview this week.  The gang at the Rick Howe Show in Halifax was nice enough to drop me a line, ask about my perspectives on the market calamity, but asked me why I blog, why I invest in dividend-paying stocks, why I don’t like mutual funds and what are my long-term financial goals.  I managed to pack a lot of answers into my 10-minute radio spot with anyone who was listening to radio on the East coast and I had fun doing it.   I’d like to thank Erin and Meghan at the Rick Howe Show for asking me to do the interview.  Let’s do it again sometime OK?

As I watched gold prices skyrocket to all-time highs this week, I also took time to read some quality posts from my favourite bloggers.

I hope you enjoy this weekend’s reading list – and you have a great, safe weekend! 🙂

101 Centavos has an interesting guest post:  will your clothing help you determine your job advancement?  Geez, now I’m self-conscious…maybe I need a new wardrobe?

Andrew Hallam asked why do people think the markets are so cheap?  He’s got a great point.  Check it out!

Boomer & Echo told us to “tune out the noise” and stick to your plan.

Sustainable Personal Finance told us about your computer’s sleep mode.

Mich from Beating the Index informed us about Canadian interest rates forecasts for 2011-2012.

The Wealthy Canadian discussed why he’s considering using dividend reinvestment plans (DRIPs) for his portfolio.  He breaks down the pros and cons of DRIPs and offers excellent resources for folks to understand this process better as well.  TWC also provided a detailed breakdown of part of his portfolio, concluding his 4-part series about it.  I found it excellent reading.

Balance Junkie told us that history only rhymes.

Rob McLister from Canadian Mortgage Trends offered some good news for variable rate mortgage holders.  Looks like the debt-mess in the U.S. will favour variable rates over the next five years.

Canadian Capitalist asked us what to do now regarding the European credit crisis?

Dan from Canadian Couch Potato asked if you have the right asset allocation?

Big Cajun Man asked if anybody has seen his financial ass?

Dividend Mantra was buying again this week.  Check out what he bought here.

Dividend Monk completed his excellent 9-part series about building and managing a dividend portfolio.  This time, he discussed asset allocation.  A very timely article given the market noise of late.   I fully agree with his comment “asset allocation is more important for your portfolio than individual selections.”

Robert from DIY Investor asked are we on an emotional roller coaster?

Krystal from GMBMFB wrote about saving up for her renovations.

Kevin from Invest It Wisely said beware of the coupon code!

Micheal James on Money discussed Larry Swedroe’s book The Quest for Alpha.   A great post, and I have my take Larry’s book coming up soon.  Stay tuned!

Mike from Money Smarts Blog has some advice for folks who see a bad day in the markets.

Jim Yih said market volatility creates opportunity to rebalance your portfolio.   I would have to agree with him.

The Dividend Guy Blog gave us a market outlook for what’s coming in the next quarter.

The Dividend Ninja reminded folks:  hey now, before you backup the truck….

Susan Brunner had two-posts about her utility stocks.  We own many of the same dividend-payers Susan.  With someone who has so much knowledge and experience with dividend-paying stocks, not to mention success, I have a strong belief I’m on the right track with you.

I look forward to interacting with you more next week!

Mark Seed is the founder, editor and owner of My Own Advisor. As my own financial advisor, I've grown our portfolio from $100,000 to well over $500,000. Our next big goal is to own a $1 million investment portfolio for an early retirement. Come follow my saving and investing journey by subscribing to my site. Delivered by Subscribe Here to My Own Advisor

16 Responses to "Weekend Reading – My Own Advisor on the Radio Edition"

  1. Hey Mark,

    WOW man you’re a celebrity now 🙂 That’s fantastic, congrats on the radio show! You know your stuff, so I’m sure you had no problem with it. Will the radio station be able to provide a pod-cast or u-tube that we can download and listen to?

    Thanx for the mention btw! Have a great weekend..

    The Dividend Ninja

    1. Hey Ninja,

      Not really, I’m just another p/f blogger in a very big personal finance pond but I’m trying to tell my journey and if people want to listen to it, the more the merrier. I’m happy about that.

      I’m far from an expert but I’m learning more everyday and for me, that’s the key (as you know :).

      I appreciate your support, it means a lot!

      As for the podcast, no, I don’t think one exists. I won’t be able to share those until I get to my TV spot. Uh-hun….

      Have a great weekend!

  2. The recent turmoil on the markets worked out for me this time. I set a threshold of $3000 in an account to buy more stocks. Two different accounts had the required amount and I happened to buy in near the low. Blind luck, but I’ll take it. Thanks for the mention.


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