Weekend Reading – Millionaire Teacher reviews and much more…


Starting off this weekend’s reading material….a big congratulations goes out to Andrew Hallam, where his book, Millionaire Teacher has become America’s #1 ranked personal finance book!  

I recently read Millionaire Teacher and I must say, it’s a gem and a bargin for the price. 

The theme that runs through this book is that most adults lack basic “financial literacy”.  It’s not really our fault, our educational system and our financial system are inherently flawed and working against us. That doesn’t mean you or I should play victim to that environment, rather, take charge, learn and get control over your financial life. Nobody cares more about your money that you do, except maybe Andrew Hallam.   Even before my review of Andrew’s book comes out, I encourage you to get a copy of Millionaire Teacher like I did so you too can learn how to avoid being schooled by the financial industry and others who want your money. My advice, keep that money for yourself, and get Andrew Hallam’s book to show you how!

Scotts Burns also provided a glowing review of the Millionaire Teacher.

Recently, Dividend Ninja provided readers with a stellar review of Millionaire Teacher.  Ninja was spot on with this comment when discussing Andrew’s book:  

When Andrew set out to write this book, he wanted something not only informative and educational, but also entertaining and written in a style readers can relate to- and it shows!”

I hope to post my own review of Andrew’s book in the coming weeks.

Dividend Ninja was also very kind to provide me with some real estate on his website this week for a guest post entitled Getting started with DRIPs and SPPs – Part 1. In this post, I started sharing my experiences with dividend revinestment plans (DRIPs) with transfer agents.   A couple of days ago, I posted Part 2 of this series.   Stay tuned to Part 3 in this series on Dividend Ninja’s site, that article should be posted in the next couple of days!

Until next week folks, take some time to check out some of these fine articles.

Have a safe, happy and healthy weekend!

Mich from Beating The Index reported on the 2011 world energy outlook for oil.   Guess which direction world demand for energy is going?  This Canadian oil stock investor extraordinaire also wrote an informative post on Canadian Oil Stocks about investing for income in Canadian energy trusts.

Michael James provided a fair but very positive review of Dan Bortolotti’s MoneySense Guide to the Perfect Portfolio.  I just started to read this myself guide and I hope to post my review in the coming weeks.  So far, I consider Dan’s guide an informative read for all types of investors.  Pick it up, it’s less than $10!

Youngandthrifty concluded that cash flow is really king.

The Dividend Guy Blog has a tremendous iPod giveaway underway!

Dan Bortolotti at Canadian Couch Potato asked if ETFs need an index.

Invest It Wisely had a great post:  I Didn’t Know Squat About Finances When I Was In College

Nelson Smith said maybe we should all relax a little on Canadian Finance Blog.  Well done.

Dividend Monk provided a great stock review of Diageo.

Sustainable Personal Finance has some major announcments coming up.   I don’t know what they are, but I almost fell off my chair when I read “…our readers, will have a chance to win well over $1000 in prizes!   A hint: there will be tech prizes that are eco-friendly and pretty cool.”  I would say so!!!

The Wealthy Canadian sold his shares in Pacific Northern Gas.  Now what is he going to buy?

Dividend Guy Blog told us about the ultimate bulletproof investing technique when the market goes bust.

Preet Banerjee from Globe & Mail, CBC fame and more, told us on his blog:  showing people a rendering of what their face might look like at age 65, might help them increase their savings rate by a whooping 33%!   Kinda interesting but kinda weird news as well.  Preet, how do you find this stuff?  Readers, would you be in this 33%?

Dividend Growth Investor told us about six dividend winners.

Frugal Trader from Million Dollar Journey gave us some tips to calculate U.S. capital gains in a non-registered account.   Great tips, but I took his advice years ago and put all my U.S. dividend-paying stocks in registered accounts.  This way, I don’t have to worry about this issue.

Jim Yih provided us with financial planning 101. 

Money Smarts Blog said don’t listen to the business media for your investment direction.  Agreed!

Kevin from Invest It Wisely said thanks to all his readers and supporters.  More than happy to be among your top referrals!  Keep up the great work!

Big Cajun Man told us about financial services you can do yourself.

Boomer & Echo continued their 11-part series associated with the MoneySense magazine article called 11 Steps To Financial Freedom.   This week, they provided us with Step 9:  Create An Investing Policy.

Susan Brunner provided a two-part review of Magna International.

Canadian Capitalist wondered why TD Waterhouse is so late in establishing U.S. dollar RRSP accounts for customers

My University Money reviewed Too Big Too Fail.

BankNerd told us about Scotiabank’s new online banking website.

TFB told us how to increase our income by 30% without working more.

Dividend Mantra told us about another recent buy.

Lastly, Kevin Press from Today’s Economy Blog said “I can’t stop watching Dexter”.   Thank goodness for on-demand TV indeed!  We love that show.  Can’t wait until the next episode!

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  1. Thanks for the mention!

    I want to say that I share your love of Dexter. Fantastic show and it’s one of my all-time favorites. Could you imagine anyone other than Michael C. Hall playing Dexter? Great stuff.

    Have a good weekend!

    1. Anytime Preet. I loved Tusk’s article this week. I didn’t get time to put it in my roundup, but I will next week.

      Yeah, Dexter is great. I loved last season with The Trinity Killer. Awesome stuff. This year, so far, so great. Cheers!

  2. Thanks for the great mentions, except it wasn’t a guest post, it was from me! 😉

    I am also enjoying Andrew’s book and I already read through it once, probably too quickly. I’m reading through it again more slowly and then hope to get up a review soon, too.

  3. Somehow I do not believe that adults have lack of basic financial literacy.

    I recently did some calculations and the results are very much frustrating, to be brutally honest.
    Have looks yours self – they are all published.

    If you invest $ 40, 000 a year over 35 years, at modest inflation rate of 2% and administration fee of 1-2% you need stock market to perform at 4% just to preserve value of your money and higher to gain anything.

    This means that you are only preserving money you are investing at a very high risk. So it is just plain wisdom – is there a point to be frugal and try to save, if you ended up loosing money?

    Feeding financial industry and no living your life in full?

    As far as the oil goes – yes, the demand is high. But growing economies are getting hands on the supplies, not by increasing / buying ExxonMobil / Shell / BP shares, but through their own national oil companies.

    Have look – most of the multinational oil companies have got just enough reserves to run for 20 years…than they would be dry…


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