Weekend Reading – the greatness of Michael Phelps, Clara Hughes and some fine blogs

Are you serious?  16 Olympic gold medals?  20 Olympic medals overall?  Superhuman really.  Congratulations to Michael Phelps on becoming the most decorated Olympian ever.   The scary part is, before these London 2012 Games are over, he might win a couple more medals.

In other greatness to recognize this week although she fell short of her goal to win a medal during these London 2012 Games, congratulations for an A+++ effort goes out to Clara Hughes, in my opinion Canada’s greatest Olympian.  Don’t believe me?  Visit her site and check out this video below to understand why.  What an outstanding role model for all Canadians.

Here’s to Clara Hughes and all our Canadian athletes in London, making us proud, Citius, Altius, Fortius!

Enjoy the Olympics, the long weekend and of course, the great blogs that make up this Weekend Reading edition.


Glenn Cooke said to be wary of no medical exam life insurance policies on Boomer & Echo this week.

Retire Happy Blog discussed the common misconceptions about retirement.

Modest Money celebrated his 6 month blogging anniversary.  Well done!

Y&T questioned a Master’s degree over increasing blogging time.  I don’t have a Master’s degree but I am working on my second undergrad degree and an MBA might be in my future at some point.

Financial Highway shared some grocery saving strategies.

Michael James on Money reviewed The Beginner’s Guide to Saving and Investing for CanadiansA great book and he’s giving away a copy.  If you keep reading my blog, I’ll provide you with another chance to win this book.  🙂

Canadian Personal Finance listed 10 American cities where homes cost less than some cars.

Prairie EcoThrifter said some small choices can mean some big gains.

Passive Income Earner had a post about turning your iPhone into a virtual trading desk.

Sustainable Personal Finance said sustainability isn’t a black and white issue.

The Blunt Bean Counter is giving away some books:  Choosing the Right Investment Advisor.  This book looks like a great resource, and better still, the profits of the book sale are being donated to cancer research at the Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto.  Awesome stuff.

Finance Fox provided a review of Rob Carrick’s new book, and is giving away a copy – go check out his site!

Tusk Trader wrote a guest post for Big Cajun Man, highlighting his top-5 investing mistakes.  Check out what he was talking about when he wrote this: “This is by far the mistake that angers me the most about my investing past. It is the most undeniably basic, simple and smart thing a person can do and I did not do it. This is free money. Pick it up.”

MDJ is well on his way to completing his Million Dollar Journey based on his recent net worth update.

Beating The Index discussed and bought Winstar resources.

Balance Junkie had a great roundup in 20 Cents from July and was kind enough to include my article.

Check out GroceryAlerts.ca for some great deals!  Haven’t subscribed?  Geez, you’re missing out!

Read how The Financial Blogger has changed his sources of income.

Dividend Monk wondered what your investing goals are and encouraged you to take his survey.

I wasn’t really sure where his was going with on this one but I give him props for the title, Big Cajun Man had a post entitled Sometimes you gotta set the toilet on fire (to learn a lesson).”

Given it’s on TV almost 24/7, and it makes for great TV, Invest It Wisely suggested some Olympic Reading.

CMT reported ING Direct Canada may be sold.

Last but certainly not least…Dividend Ninja is giving away two free copies of The Beginner’s Guide to Saving and Investing for Canadians.  He’s making it easy to win so go check out his site.

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17 Responses to "Weekend Reading – the greatness of Michael Phelps, Clara Hughes and some fine blogs"

  1. Phelps is pretty crazy, but it’s too bad that he didn’t train harder for these Olympics to be super dominant again. That’s a pretty damn impressive medal haul by one person though. Hughes put in a pretty gutsy performance with her recent broken back. To go through that and still finish fairly high is a big accomplishment.

    And thanks for the mention Mark.

  2. I always seem to get really hooked on the Olympics. It is great except the being tired part. I end up staying up late to watch and event and it bites me in the butt the next day.

    Congrats to Phelps too. I just hope he keeps his ego low and in tact.

    Thanks so much for the inclusion and have a great long weekend.

  3. I love the Olympics. Success, emotion and heartbreak all rolled into one. It doesn’t get much better for me. I didn’t really watch Clara Hughes because I just can’t sit through cycling on TV, but I’ve been enjoying a lot of the other sports that I would never otherwise watch.

  4. Thanks for the mention mark. I think the coolest moment of the games so far came when a 15 year old took on the world in women’s 800! I can’t even imagine doing something like that at 15. Sometimes I wonder what the human body is actually capable of.

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