Weekend Reading – Mayan mayhem, holiday wishes and great blogs

Will it end or won’t it end?  Is that the question?

I’m not talking about all the craziness in the stores lately or the NHL strike, I’m talking about the end of the world.

By most interpretations, by way of the last cycle of the Mayan calendar, the world is expected to end very soon…in a matter of hours.  Some have argued the Mayans, whose civilization spanned across southern Mexico, Guatemala and Belize from 1000 B.C. to 1519 A.D., have long known the day the world would end – December 21.  Do you believe it?  Or is this a bigger hoax than Y2K?

Over the last week, I’ve read about people making bunkers out of their basements to people flocking to Serbia to live at the foot of a mountain that apparently delivers a source of electromagnetic waves where they will celebrate the end of the time.

Reading this far, you can probably guess where I stand on the Mayans’ prediction – mainly because nobody has ever predicted tomorrow with any accuracy let alone a few thousand years.  Besides, the Maya people didn’t invent the calendar in the first place.

After you survive December 21st, I hope you’re looking forward to the holidays like I am.  It’s certainly a time to reflect, be thankful and spend time with those you care about.  Whatever your holiday plans are, enjoy them and be safe.  Although I don’t expect the world to end soon you can never take what you have today for granted.

The blogposts on My Own Advisor might be few to none, I’m not sure yet, so just in case I’m not online much between now and early 2013 – I wish you a very Happy Holiday and Best Wishes for 2013!

Enjoy this list of Weekend Reading,



For podcast # 14, Where Does All My Money Go interviewed John DeGoey, Financial Advisor of Burgeonvest Bick Securities, discussing advisor fees and transparency.

Head over to Canadian Budget Binder where they have a $100 cash giveaway going on.

Million Dollar Journey reminded us about the power of the TFSA and the increased contribution limit for 2013.

Sustainable Personal Finance offered some tips when shopping for eco-friendly appliances.

Mr. Money Mustache said the high cost of living – is a state of mind.

Canadian Couch Potato shared how the new Loblaw’s REIT will likely be added to the index.

Finance Fox wondered why Americans are clueless about Canada.

My University Money has some last minute Christmas gifts ideas.

Andrew Hallam was a big fan of this new movie:  Passive Investing – The Evidence.

Y&T shared five ways to save money on Christmas shopping.  They forgot the obvious, don’t spend as much.

The Passive Income Earner shared some tidy dividend income for December 2012.

Boomer & Echo provided his answer to this question:  should you pay off your mortgage early or invest?  He wrote:

“I’m taking a balanced approach by putting an extra $800 a month on our mortgage on top of our regular monthly payments, saving $800 a month in our tax free savings accounts and investing $400 a month in my RRSP.”

Retire by 40 wondered if you should invest in the stock market after retirement.  I say, yes.

Michael James on Money was annoyed with McAfee’s antivirus software trickery.

Marissa told us why she prefers to be a maker of things.

Derek discussed the Smith Manoeuvre and why it can work for some people.  I’ll be tempted to do this when my mortgage debt is much lower.

The Brighter Life had a list of interesting links to make your holidays, well, bright!

CBB provided a beginner’s guide to early retirement.  To paraphrase, save, save and save some more.

Kerry Taylor had some budget-friendly holiday decorating ideas.

Big Cajun Man drank the same water Michael did this week and was equally annoyed with the Bell storefronts.

Financial Highway had some good financial gift ideas for kids.

Freedom Thirty Five blog said don’t worry about Christmas shopping, the Mayans may be right.

The Blunt Bean Counter wondered if newspaper paywalls will be our new normal.

Modest Money shared a few ways to burn some cash at the last minute this holiday season.

Retire Happy reminded us about your most valuable asset.

The Loonie Bin nailed some 2012 financial goals.

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