Weekend Reading – Market Volatility Edition

The love/hate relationship between investors and stock markets continue…

Toying with investors’ emotions again this week, the Dow Jones and our S&P/TSX index closed about 3.5% lower today.   A pretty good hit to the solar plexus as tough SNL guys Hans and Franz would say.   Turbulent times continue – I believe long-term market volatility is our new normal – let’s get used to it.   Looking at the big picture, much more long-term than any given market day, equities crashing are times to buy.   No, I’m not crazy, I don’t think.  You’re supposed to buy low and sell high, aren’t you?

If I’m crazy then I have company.  Fellow blogger Mike Holman tweeted today “Looking forward to do some buying today.  I hear VEA is 5% off today.”  Great stuff Mike.   I bought some AT&T myself, a small position, for my RRSP.   AT&T (T:US) has paid dividends for decades.  My kinda company folks.   AT&T and many other blue-chip companies are taking a beating of late which is fine by me.  Regarding AT&T, no matter what’s going on in the world or with currency markets, people aren’t going to suddenly give up their telephones, mobile phones, or broadband internet connections.   If you did, you wouldn’t be reading my blogpost right? 🙂

I also completed a brief interview with the Toronto Star today, so hopefully some more My Own Advisor will be headed your way.  Stay tuned friends.

While on vacation this week, I not only enjoyed some amazing weather in Ottawa but some excellent articles from around the blogosphere.  I encourage you to check them out as well.

Have a safe, healthy and happy weekend.  Thanks for reading.  See you next week!

The Big Cajun Man reflected on what it means to be an adult now. 

Million Dollar Journey informed us about the new Capital One Cash Back Credit Card.

Michael James said millionaires aren’t what they used to be.  Fair enough, but $1 million is still a magical barrier in my opinion given only about 5% of all Canadians are millionaires based on study earlier this spring. 

The Wealthy Canadian continued to breakdown his portfolio for readers.  This week, he shared his excellent diversification in a sector classified as Merchandise & Lodging.   This post also provided a nice summary of previous posts related to this portfolio.  Check it out.  Investing that is near and dear to my heart, TWC also had an excellent article about the Top-5 companies to DRIP.

Krystal Yee reminded us to increase our mortgage payments.

The Dividend Ninja reviewed Claymore’s new dividend ETF:  CUD.

Canadian Capitalist said commission free ETFs are a good deal for most, but not all investors.  Read why here.

Canadian Couch Potato provided his take on Claymore’s new dividend growth ETF.

Andrew Hallam gave us something much scarier than the stock market.  Amazing post Andrew, really.

SPF discussed the ex-dividend date.

Mich from Beating The Index shared his good outlook on Hyperion.

Boomer & Echo are planning to give away a copy of The Wealthy Barber Returns!

Dividend Guy Blog gave us six steps to help us invest in dividend-paying stocks.

Dividend Monk told us the top-5 holdings owned by value investor and stock guru Seth Klarman.

Just as healthy as the TFSA vs. RRSP debate, the knowledgeable folks at Canadian Mortgage Trends discussed the fixed vs. variable mortgage conundrum.

Preet revisited P/E ratios for a long time reader.

Jim Yih discussed the benefits of investing in low fee mutual funds.   Given the costs some mutual funds charge investors, low fees are the only fees that should be paid.

Canadian Finance Blog gave us some great tips to make your career a successful one.

The aforementioned Mike Holman from Money Smarts Blog asked if home owners could actually benefit from falling real estate values.   With economics, anything is possible!

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15 Responses to "Weekend Reading – Market Volatility Edition"

  1. MOA, don’t know if you can do this, but it would be great if the links you provide could open in another tab (it might be my Internet settings!?, no clue). We don’t want to lose your page! 🙂

    Well just saying! Very good blog!

    (can delete this post).

  2. MOA, hey thanx for the mention!

    Congrats also on your fame and fortune, radio show, and Rob Carrick mentions! You are on your way to the top my friend… what’s next BNN? Good for U, well earned and deserved.

    btw – I didn’t really care the markets tanked today, but I sure wish I had capital to invest. But you know that I know that those bond ETFs are gold!! 🙂 I’m sure most people holding mutual funds (mot unfortunately) were feeling down today.

    The Dividend Ninja

    1. @Ninja,

      Ha. Thanks. You should know I mentioned your blog in my interview today. We’ll see if I make the editor’s cut at the Toronto Star. If not, it was nice to do the interview.

      I wish I had more cash to invest. Sadly, I don’t. I do own some AT&T now though, great dividends and yield for the RRSP. I will continue to add more AT&T and VWO as markets crash more.

      You made me laugh with your bonds comment. Yup, very happy I own some Claymore product bonds!

  3. Congrats on the Globe and Mail mentions, that was a great series! I’m trying not to pay attention to the market yo-yo, it seems like every few weeks there’s a new buying opportunity of the moment. Problem is, I never have the cash to do anything about it.

    Thanks for the mention!

  4. Congrats on The Globe & Mail mention MOA! I had a fun time reviewing Rob Carrick’s most recent book and he is a cool cat. It’s great to see him mention your ETF series; it was well-deserved. Awesome stuff -keep up the great work.

    And an interview with the Toronto Star! I hope they mention your blog and provide readers the url because it would be a shame for new readers to miss out on what your blog offers.

    Thanks again for the mention, it is greatly appreciated.

    Regarding what Lazy Investor mentioned, because you’re using WordPress, it should be easy to direct readers to an article while preserving a tab to your site by checking off the little check box when it comes time to link someone. For example, when you push the link button and enter the url, there should also be an option to check off “Open Link in a new window/tab”. Select this and you will offer readers the choice to read both your blog and the article you’ve sources. Hope this helps.

    Congrats on your continued success MOA! I look forward to your future posts.

    Cheers & have a great weekend,

    1. @TWC,

      Well thanks! I was happy to see that Rob selected my articles for his Reader series; that was nice of him.

      Thanks for the WordPress tip, I just found out what you meant. Hopefully I won’t repeat those mistakes with my next blogpost. Thanks Lazy Investor for your feedback once again.

      I enjoy writing, I hope others enjoy reading. Have a great w/e yourself!


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