Weekend Reading – Losing your wallet, BlackRock products, hobbit holes and more

Welcome to your Weekend Reading.  This week…

Rob Carrick from The Globe and Mail told us about the best cities to lose your wallet (only to get it back) and mentioned my cable-lovin’ blogpost in the process.  Thanks Rob for that mention!

Michael James on Money told us about some new BlackRock products.

Golden Girl Finance told us about an Oregon man who is living in a “hobbit hole” for $5,000 per year.

Glenn Cooke discussed whole life insurance dividends.

Canadian Capitalist offered some investing insights from the Canada Pension Plan.

Preet Banerjee is more than happy to rent in Toronto.  Read about why he sold his house and rents here.

Million Dollar Journey discussed preferred share ETFs.

Sandi Martin helped you figure out how much mutual funds cost.

Robb Engen asked what’s busting your budget.

Ben Carlson wondered if the weather can affect the stock market.

Liquid Independence wrote about wireless competition in Canada.

Young & Thrifty just invested a whack of money in….

Big Cajun Man wrote about his favourite topic.

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The Financial Blogger wrote about “old media” dying off. 

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