Weekend Reading – Labour Day Edition

Unfortunately there was more sad news from the world of hockey this week.  Unrest continues in Libya.   Darryl Hanna got arrested in front of the White House (again).  There was more political posturing amongst the NDP and the Liberals.   There were dividend hikes from two of Canada’s big five banks:  CIBC and TD.  Thanks CIBC!  (TD, I’ll own you yet, but you’re too pricy now!)  Last but not least, there was the Vanity Fair interview with Conrad Black.

Wow, where do I begin with that?  Here are some interesting quipps from the online article:

When talking about his experience in jail at Coleman Federal Correction Complex, Conrad said:

“I’m not embarrassed in the least bit I was in prison—not the slightest,” “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. You can’t talk to Martha Stewart about it, or Alfred Taubman. They didn’t see it as I did, as a nightmarish change in careers. I see it as a temporary vocation.”

When talking about the charges, Conrad said:

“Frankly, these charges are absurd,” “If I wanted to take documents out of my offices, what are the chances I would have lugged them out under the glare of security cameras I myself installed?” “I mean, I’d have to be mad…”

I guess the best tidbit from this article and from watching Lang & O’Leary last night; when Conrad was asked how much money is enough to live off of he said:

“I can live on $80 million,” “At least I think I can.”

I think I could too 🙂

You can read more about Conrad’s very unstable yet very articulate state of mind, here.

Thankfully, there were other more realistic tales from the world of personal finance and investing this week.  I’ve got a slew of articles to share – check them out below.  My list for you dear reader is extra long, because we have a long weekend to celebrate.  Amongst some yardwork, getting the house cleaned for entertaining family and doing some schoolwork this weekend (I’m working on degree # 2), there is a little work to do.  I’m going to golf and just relax for my downtime.

Whatever you have on your agenda, be safe, stay healthy and have fun!

Dan from Canadian Couch Potato introduced the Permanent Portfolio, designed to weather all types of market storms.  I thought the article was excellent, even if I disagreed a bit with the portfolio allocation of some holdings.  You can read my comments in Dan’s post.  Thanks to Craig Rowland for his detailed responses to my comments and questions!

Dividend Mantra discussed how to rid yourself of frugal fatigue.  I was glad to read # 1 Mantra.  It is absolutely OK to splurge once in a while!   Even my wife says so!

The Dividend Pig opened our eyes when it came to dividend-paying success over the years in his post “If You Only Invested Then…”.  For example, “if you had purchased $10,000 worth of shares during Microsoft’s ipo, today you would own 137,088 shares worth 3.6 million dollars.”  Geez….

101 Centavos provided an excellent “coffee talk”, several things I learned from my grandfather.  This was one of my favourite posts of the week.

Kevin from Invest It Wisely tells a rather sad tale about what his dysfunctional aunt taught him about wealth and finances.  You won’t believe the story.  Easy come, easy go.

The Dividend Ninja posted his top-10 finance blogs.  Yours truly was honoured to be among his list.  Thanks again Ninja for including me in what I consider, best-in-class company.

Andrew Hallam had a few excellent posts this week, which is nothing new really, first; discussing the power of rebalancing during a volatile market and secondly; he told us these people are truly awesome.  Find out who they are!

The Wealthy Canadian shared his best-of as part of the 7 Links Project – and every article he mentioned is well worth the read.  TWC also continued to demonstrate his blogging prowess by posting the following stellar reads this week:

He bought 1 oz. of gold and 10 oz. of silver.

He also gave us a detailed breakdown in how to effectively manage a capital loss.

He wrote a detailed post discussing DRIPing for the first time.  I have a feeling it won’t be his last!

Avid sports fan and tax expert Mark from The Blunt Bean Counter provided a guest post on Boomer & Echo, discussing the dividend gross up and tax credit mechanics.

Susan Brunner provided an overview of Brookfield Office Properties.   She does not own this stock herself but she took some time to discuss the currency risks associated with it, since this company’s dividends are declared in $USD.  Definitely worth the read.

Canadian Mortgage Trends told us low rates help short term affordability, or is that affordability for the short-term?   In any event, earlier this year, economists predicted that we’d see higher rates starting this fall.   They were wrong (again).  Their forecasts have now shifted to mid-2012.

Big Cajun Man said sometimes, begging works. 

Mike from Money Smarts Blog informed us how to withdraw from your RESP account, launching an e-book to tell you how to do it no less.  Congrats Mike, another great milestone in your writing career!  Mike also told us why he has an emergency fund.  This man makes sense.

Young and Thrifty is giving away a book – check out which one!

Canadian Capitalist gave us some great reasons to read The Wealthy Barber Returns, by David Chilton.  He also provided a Q3 update on his sleepy portfolio.

My University Money told us that hedge fund managers would be great at fantasy football.  Nice analogy.  I’m still taking the Packers over any other team this year.

The Dividend Guy informed us why the stock market crashes.  (Regardless, I’m looking forward to the next crash – I love cheap equities).

Michael James provided a financial savvy test for politicians.  Or, was he just making fun of them? 🙂

The Dividend Monk wrote a detailed stock analysis of Walmart.

Mich from Beating The Index said Libyan oil is coming to the rescue.

Sustainable Personal Finance listed their best-of as another participant in the 7 Links Project.

Krystal from GMBMFB gave us a recap of her August 2011 goals.  

See you next week! 

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  1. Thanks for the mention MOA! Interesting interview with Conrad Black. He seems, umm, interesting. He THINKS he can live on $80 million? I get the feeling he wasn’t kidding about that.

    Have a great holiday weekend! I know I’ll be enjoying this holiday weekend by going out for sushi downtown! I’m gonna splurge a little. 🙂

  2. Yet another awesome round up! Great work Mark.

    Thanks for the mentions, I really appreciate it .

    Have a great weekend golfing and relaxing in between your chores. I had no idea you were working on your 2nd degree. Kudos to you in taking the initiative on that.

    Thanks again 😉


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