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This roundup edition starts off by saying a huge thank you to Bryan Borzykowski, for reaching out and interviewing me recently for an upcoming article in the Toronto Star about tax-free savings accounts.  I look forward to reading the article Bryan!  Bryan’s article should hit newsstands in a couple of weeks.

In business news this week, European stocks slumped and Greek bondholders started to take a bath on their investments.  This is not going to end well.  In case you missed it, I wrote about some of the austerity measures Greece will be implementing.  They are rather scary.

By now you’ve read or heard that Research In Motion has a new CEO, Thorstein Heins.   I guess investors didn’t like the news this week – the stock tumbled after the RIM press release.

The U.S. Federal Reserve’s policy-setting Open Market Committee had a two-day meeting this week and they’ve forecasted interest rates will remain near the floor for another couple of years, until 2014.  That’s an eternity in the business world.  I have a post planned to discuss what I’m going to do and how I’m going to invest in light of that news, so stay tuned.

I also made time to read a host of interesting and educational articles this week from the blogosphere.  Check them out!

Have a great weekend and will write again soon!



Dividend Guy shared his top Canadian REITs for 2012.

Dividend Ninja posted a two-part series, entitled What Should I Invest In for 2012? Amongst experts like Robert Wasilewski (DIY Investor), Dan Bortolotti (Canadian Couch Potato), Derek Foster (Canada’s Youngest Retiree) and other savvy investors, Ninja kindly asked for my opinion and perspectives about 2012, which you can read about here. The only thing that didn’t make great sense in this series – Dan Bortolotti thinks the Leafs will make the playoffs!!??

When not cheering for the Leafs, Canadian Couch Potato continued his great work to help out ETF investors, discussing tax-efficient investing with ETFs.

Jim Yih made another case for passive investing.

Million Dollar Journey answered some reader mail, about investing in TD e-Series funds; understanding the pros and cons of using RRSPs, TFSAs and non-registered accounts in doing so.

My University Money asked:  How cool is Fiverr?  From what I read, very cool.

DGI said to avoid cyclical dividend growth stocks.   He said “Utilities are notorious for raising distributions for one or two decades, before cutting or freezing them for several years.”   True, but I like my chances with a few utilities in Canada, namely Fortis and Emera.

Krystal Yee said a line of credit is not an emergency fund.  I agree, and we’re working on building up our emergency fund.

Boomer & Echo discussed using tax-free savings accounts in retirement.

Miss T from Praire EcoThrifter shared what Buddhism teaches people about personal finance. A cool post.

Crystal from BITFS told us her husband in now working from home with her. A bold move but it’s necessary. Crystal’s blog and online business has gone through the roof!   Very inspiring!

Dividend Monk told us about 6 dividend-paying stocks that have powerful brands.  I own one of them 🙂

TFB went from making $30K to $176K in 8 years.

Canadian Couch Potato warned investors that dividends are not as tax-friendly as you may think.

Big Cajun Man wondered if he could retire.

Mich from Beating The Index wrote about investing in Canadian well completion and drilling companies.

Balance Junkie took Quicken Home and Business 2012 for a test drive.

Michael James on Money reviewed Crushing Debt, but thought it was a little thin useful content.

Young & Thrifty had a guest post about Germany and its European family.

The Daily Thinker wondered if you use discount websites like Groupon.   We use Groupon and some other sites around our house, but not extensively.   Like my Thinking friend we try to avoid buying what we don’t need, discounted deal or not.

Dividend Mantra wondered if you’ve ever considered semi-early retirement. Every day Mantra! Seriously though, I can’t get there until another 10 years (late-40s) but I’m working on it!

Larry MacDonald reviewed Daryl Diamond’s book:  Your Retirement Income Blueprint.  I’ve got this book at home and it’s on my to-do list.

Passive Income Earner provided some tips to determine if the Smith Manoeuvre is good for you.

Tusk Trader on Preet Banerjee’s blog wondered if was time to buy RIM (Research In Motion)?   Not for me.  Doesn’t and likely won’t pay a dividend!

SPF highlighted a cool resource for students to rent online textbooks.

Invest It Wisely enjoyed reading The Art of Non-Conformity and wants you to enjoy it too – he’s giving the book away!


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