Weekend Reading – Increased readership and great blogs

Thanks to you My Own Advisor is approaching 650 dedicated readers and has over 600 followers on Twitter.  Regardless how many folks visit this site, I’m convinced I will have a long-term passion for writing and sharing what I know (as well as what I don’t know) about saving and investing my way to financial freedom.  It’s why I started this site…and it’s why it’s still going.  I hope you continue to follow along and when you can, leave a comment.  I enjoy reading your perpsectives and opinions.

Check out these great reads from the world of frugality, smart saving and savvy investing.

Have a great weekend!

The Globe and Mail had an article about learning to take control of your investment portfolio.   Good article.

Canadian Couch Potato is giving away a new book: The Beginner’s Guide to Saving and Investing for Canadians. “The 100-page book is divided into five chapters, each written by a contributor with expertise in a specific area of personal finance. I’m sure you’ll recognize the names and the bloggers”. Well done Dan, and kudos to all the bloggers who contributed to this book as well.  I hope to post my review of this new tool to Canadian savers and investors in another couple of weeks.

Retire Happy Blog provided a halftime market report for 2012.

The Loonie Bin wrote about cutting out the excess.

Dividend Ninja was interviewed by Kylie Ofiu.  Nice interview by the way.   He also wrote about the Gold Plated Pension.

Y&T made a case for starting your working career in rural Canada.

Canadian Finance Blog wondered if you are ready to buy a home.

Dividend Monk said Waste Management dividend safety is on the decline.  That said, the demand for waste management is not going anywhere.

Modest Money told us why everyone does not need an emergency fund.  Very true, but we do.

Beating The Index provided a detailed analysis of Longview Oil Corp.

Andrew Hallam said “Financial magazines are great sources of entertainment, but often, schizophrenic sources of advice. Consider them sage money guides and you could end up questioning your financial plan—even if it’s great. Worse, if you follow their whimsical persuasions, you’ll play a costly game of musical chairs with your money.”

Financial Highway mentioned 7 ways parents overspend on their newborn baby.

Boomer & Echo told us why he bought out this car lease.  I like his reasoning.

Sustainable Personal Finance questioned whether parents have to provide financial help.

Brighter Life wondered how much is an emergency fund worth?

Michael James had a post entitled unexpected anchoring in charitable donation amounts.

Glenn Cooke making a guest appearance on The Passive Income Earner compared mutual funds to segregated funds.

Big Cajun Man discussed Tim Horton’s savings plan.

MDJ wrote about ways to save money while attending university.  I had one way…buck a beer night at bars in the Ottawa market 🙂

Finance Fox wondered if new mortgage rules for Canadians are a good thing.  I say yes even though I have a healthy six-figure mortgage.

Invest It Wisely answered the question:  how hard is it to be become a freelancer?

Susan Brunner reviewed K-Bro.

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