Weekend Reading – Income streams, cash flows, retirement and more

Welcome to my latest Weekend Reading edition where I share some of my favourite reads from the week that was.

In case you missed it…this week I shared some financial goals, I started a new series and profiled my Enbridge stock pick and I boiled down a few top international equity ETFs for your portfolio.

Thanks for reading, sharing and supporting this site.  Enjoy your weekend!

While plugging his book, I agreed with Jon Chevreau’s take on having multiple streams of passive income for retirement.  This is something I am striving for.

Canadian Couch Potato discussed rebalancing with cash flows.

Sandi Martin had some helpful retirement advice.

Michael James on Money provided some guidance on RRIFs.

This Vancouver blogger shared her lifetime costs of car ownership.

Tom Drake said don’t be too safe with your money, meaning don’t give up on stocks.

Here are some financial questions adult kids should be asking of their parents.  My parents read this blog and they know I’ve asked many of these questions.

John Heinzl’s dividends keep growing.

Dan said you may need less money in retirement than you think.

An excellent article about diversification and the benefits it provides courtesy of A Wealth of Common Sense.

Sean Cooper, inspired by Frugal Trader from Million Dollar Journey, reports his progress to the million dollar milestone.

Rob Carrick with Lorne Marr told us what happens if you die with debt.

Dan Solin said Canadian investors are mostly losers.  Ouch.

Big Cajun Man revisits financial plan B.

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10 Responses to "Weekend Reading – Income streams, cash flows, retirement and more"

  1. I’m striving for multiple streams of income as well. I expect to make dividends and capital gains from owning thousands of businesses all over the world. That seems like enough diversification to me. Thanks for the mention.

  2. Great list. Loved the Vancouver car one as i could relate. The city is a pure nightmare for car owners. Highest gas price in Canada, highest insurance rates in Canada, Rated top 5 worst traffic in North America, red light cameras, over ticketing cops, parking fees outrageous. The list never ends!


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