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There are many dependable stars in the investment universe, so I avoid technology companies.  I do this, because as an investor, I simply can’t keep up with the fast-paced, dynamic environment that requires constant innovation or starvation.   I don’t know what the next great productivity tool will be…I don’t know what the next mass consumer toy will be.  A recent Globe and Mail article reinforced this investing thesis for me, with Microsoft reporting its first quarterly loss in public company history.  Is this a sign of more losses to come?   Is this just a quarterly blip on the radar that so many companies experience?   Certainly one quarter does not make a business career but who really knows.  I know I don’t but then again I don’t have to worry about what I don’t know since I don’t buy tech stocks.  Instead, I own Microsoft indirectly via my holding in VTI.  Maybe I’ll change my mind about tech stocks but for now I’m sticking to my plan – no thanks Microsoft or Apple or Google.  Am I missing out?  What about you?  Do you invest in tech stocks and if so, which ones?

Here’s a great list of sites and articles to check out this weekend.  Enjoy the list and I’ll be back next week!

What do you get with you combine 6 savvy personal finance and investing gurus in Canada?  You get the The Beginner’s Guide to Saving and Investing for Canadians.  Haven’t heard of this book yet?  You will.  I’ll be giving away a copy of this book later this summer.  I recently got my copy to review and hope to post that review in due course.   Click here to learn about this book and what’s so great about it.

Sustainable Personal Finance told us how to negotiate anything.

Boomer & Echo listed 35 ways they save money, some smart stuff here.

Beating The Index said Renegade Petroleum stands out from other junior oil stocks.

Modest Money provided some car financing tips.

Big Cajun Man discussed his crunchy grass and encouraged folks to stop wasting water.  Please, more rain in Ottawa….please.

Canadian Couch Potato discussed managed futures.  I didn’t know what these things were until I read Dan’s blog.  Thanks for the education Dan.

Balance Junkie shared some observations of a financial tourist.  She said something I think we can all relate to:  “No matter what your views on money and investing, you can be sure that someone somewhere disagrees with you – perhaps vehemently.”  She likes to “listen to opposing ideas. Sometimes I incorporate parts of them into my own strategy, and sometimes they just verify that my current approach is a better fit for me.”

The Blunt Bean Counter wondered if you are selfish with your money.  He even found a way to weave in a reference to Wally De Backer (you might know him as Gotye) into his post.

The Loonie Bin wrote about dividend investing 101.

InsurEye had a cool infographic this week about travel medical insurance.  I know for us, we don’t leave home without it.

Finance Fox wrote about escaping living paycheck to paycheck.

The Dividend Guy wrote about the big miss, and I don’t mean the Tiger Woods book by Hank Haney.

One of the biggest PF blogs in Canada, Million Dollar Journey wrote about the business types in Canada.

Prairie EcoThrifter wrote about ways to reuse plastic grocery bags.

Canadian Capitalist shared some interesting reads.

If you’re into tech companies, specifically some dividend paying tech companies, Dividend Ninja offered some options for you.

Passive Income Earner reported his dividend income for July 2012.

Tom Drake had 5 tips to help you reach your retirement goals.

Financial Highway said there are things to consider before you cancel your credit card.

Dividend Monk said Walmart is not trading at an everyday low price.

Michael James on Money reminded his readers that MERQ is a great measure of mutual fund costs, closing by saying “After 25 years, would you rather have a portfolio of $535,000 or $939,000?”

My University Money discussed the hidden costs of owning a dog or cat.  I can tell you from experience, owning a cat, those hidden costs are not so hidden now.

Retire by 40 just handed in his two weeks’ notice, really.

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12 Responses to "Weekend Reading – I don’t buy tech stocks and tons of great blogs"

  1. No rain likely, unfortunately, but thanks for including me!

  2. Modest Money says:

    Thanks for the mention Mark. I’m just starting to get into investing, but I will probably avoid technology stocks, at least to start anyway. Things just change too rapidly. I am still tempted by smart phone related stocks though. For now though it’s probably best to stick to the more reliable companies.

  3. Eddie says:

    Thanks for including me Mark!
    Happy Friday, and enjoy your weekend!!

  4. Mark, I loved the first section on your post about tech stocks. (let me repeat that). Actually MSFT is a great example of what everyone takes for granted and could possibly go wrong. We all have laptops right, we all use Windows on our PC’s right? Well what if something better came along without all the hassle of dealing with MSFT products?

    IMO Microsoft should buy RIM its the perfect partner ;)

    Thanx for the mention on my guest post!


    • Thanks! I wasn’t sure if you would agree with me or not?

      I agree MSFT should buy RIM. You’re most welcome for the mention….hope you had a great weekend!

  5. Thanks for the mention. Three cheers for VTI coming from this corner!

  6. Thx for the mention!

    I actually love techno stocks and wrote an article about them too :-)

    INTC and STX are my favorite picks right now. the thing with techno stocks is that they have been flying under the radar for a while after the techno bubble. now, they are back with profits…and some of them pay dividends!

    • Yeah, I read that one :)

      INTC, I’ve been looking at but I just can’t seem to pull the trigger on that or tech. Something must be wrong with me….too conservative an investor maybe?

  7. Alexey says:

    Thank you for mentioning, Mark!


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