Weekend Reading – Happy New Year edition, money writers, podcasts and more

Happy New Year readers!

2014 marks the beginning of my 5th year running My Own Advisor, so thanks for being part of the journey.  Here are some of the articles and blogs I checked out this week.  I hope you enjoy them.  See you next week when I share my December 2013 dividend income update and another profile in my series:  What’s In Your Portfolio.

Have a great weekend,


Thanks to BrighterLife.ca for including me as one of their favourite money writers of 2013.

I enjoyed reading about locked-in retirement accounts on Avrex Money.

Preet Banerjee had Michael James on Money on his podcast this week.   Michael definitely enjoys understanding how the financial world works and I’m glad he writes about it on his site.  Welcome to Twitter as well Michael.

Boomer and Echo asked:  what’s in your wallet?  Not much actually…

Dividend Growth Investor wondered if the end of dividend investing is coming.  I highly doubt it.  If anything, more folks will follow this strategy and indexing in the future.  As a dividend investor in my “accumulation stage”, I am actually hoping dividend stocks fall out of favour.  It makes them cheaper for me to buy.

Susan Brunner reviewed Metro.

Mr. CBB had a post about New Year’s resolutions.

I entered Financial Uproar’s 2014 stock picking contest.

The Passive Income Earner redesigned his site and reported on his December 2013 income, something I intend to write about next week.  Stay tuned for that.

Big Cajun Man wrote “Some view this as a hack-kneed, lazy and overused idea, however, it usually ends up taking longer to compile than a normal daily post. Why do I do it? I don’t know.”  I enjoyed his roundup of articles all the same.

MoneySense told us how to recover from debt hangovers.

Million Dollar Journey shared his year-end net worth, inching closer to his goal.

Rick Ferri wrote about REITs and your portfolio.

My University Money wrote about five financial concepts even university doesn’t teach.

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10 Responses to "Weekend Reading – Happy New Year edition, money writers, podcasts and more"

  1. Thanks for including me, and I enjoyed the video list, and I can’t decide whether, “It’s not about the Nail” or “Bat Dad” is better.

  2. Avrex Money says:

    Great list. Thanks for the inclusion.

    I’m checking out the Preet/James podcast now….

  3. Congrats on 5 years mate. I didn’t realize MOA was around for so long, good for you. Blogging can be as busy as we want it to be but it’s worth it in the end when you have a platform to say just what’s on your mind and it allows you to collaborate with other like-minded people. Thanks for all your inspiration the past couple of years. Cheers mate.

  4. I had fun with the podcast. Thanks for the kind words. Have a great weekend.

  5. Mark says:

    It sounds like you did. The Charles Barkley comment was funny.

  6. Mark says:

    Yup, by the end of 2014, it will be 5 years. Hard to believe. Glad I still enjoy it, I’ve learned a bunch writing this blog. I appreciate your blog support Mr. CBB. Keep up the great work in 2014 helping others.


  7. Mark says:

    You’re most welcome. Have a great weekend and chat again soon.

  8. Richard says:

    The mark of wisdom in an investor is when they hope that everyone else disagrees with them. Here’s to all our investments being unpopular! :)

  9. Mark says:

    You got it. I really hope people beat up on CDN banks, telcos, energy companies and REITs again Richard. BTW – I hope to post your profile this week, after Preet’s book review.


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