Weekend Reading – Halloween wrap-up and great blogs edition

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween.  Nothing scary about these articles, well, at least this week’s edition.  Have a great weekend and make sure you come back next week – I’m going to giveaway a book to one lucky reader!

Tom Bradley said stock picking is alive and well.

Dividend Mantra reminded us common investors of Warren Buffett’s wise words.

Andrew Hallam recently invested $21,000 in the US stock index.  Very impressive and he mentioned something very important in his post:  “Most people, unfortunately, chase rising asset classes. They feel good about buying investment products that have recently risen in price.  And they shun investments that have fallen.  Most people (including most financial advisors) act similarly.  And this kills their returns.”

The Passive Income Earner gave a thorough analysis of to RESP or not to RESP.

The Blunt Bean Counter questioned if money and success are the same thing.

The Loonie Bin continues to invest in his health.

How To Save Money put yours truly in the Best of Canadian Personal Finance reading list.

Michael James on Money applied some common sense to a slightly biased post about dividend investing.

Mr. CBB answered a reader question about cashing in RRSPs.  I wouldn’t do that unless it was absolutely necessary or I was ready to retire in a lower income bracket.

Retire Happy Blog offered some advice to convert your RRSP to income.  This fall, I will be looking at similar factors for my parents.

Dividend Ninja posted some news about TransCanada’s new pipeline deal.

Thirty Six Months wondered if a friend was generous or just plain dumb.

Susan Brunner has a killer list of articles all about the 2012 Toronto Money Show.

Money Smarts Blog said for investors, the main cost associated with owning Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) is the MER (management expense ratio), unless you trade them.

Big Cajun Man discussed his end game plan for RESPs.

Canadian Couch Potato questioned whether you should buy stocks for your kids.

Justin Bender wrote a post about buying GICs.

Modest Money accepted the value of an emergency fund.  Actually, he’s giving away $100 because of it!

Larry MacDonald wrote about housing markets and market timing.

Financial Highway provided a few ways to save money this holiday season.

Sustainable Personal Finance wrote about green versus sustainability.

Freedom Thirty Five Blog said Halloween is some serious business.

Don’t forget about some great deals at GroceryAlerts.ca!

CMT, my favourite source for mortgage news, compared US and Canada mortgage markets.

Finance Fox offered some destinations in Canada to check out.

Boomer & Echo said make sure you give your money time to grow.

Invest It Wisely told us how to get kids interested in money and investing.

Krystal Yee wondered if you’d pay to read news online.

Y&T offered some great personal finance and investing books worth reading.  Actually, I’ve one to giveaway next week!

Prairie Eco-Thrifter wrote about 6 indulgences that lower your blood pressure.  Not working would be another one!

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22 Responses to "Weekend Reading – Halloween wrap-up and great blogs edition"

  1. It was so rainy in Vancouver this year all those wonderful costumes had to be covered by raincoats :0( My friend said he only got half the amount of trick-or-treaters to his house as last year. But other than that, Halloween was great (^_^) Thanks for the mention. Looking forward to the book giveaway.

  2. Halloween was another eventful evening for us.. and I was thrilled to hear to kids say they thought my pumpkin was cool. It’s the third pumpkin I’ve ever carved in my life. Thanks for the mention and enjoy your weekend.. and yes I wouldn’t pull my RRSP’s for the same reasons. Cheers Mr.CBB

  3. This past week in Toronto it was Gotham City with all the wind and rain. Today is the first time the sun came out in a week. Thanks for the mention Mark. Have a super weekend!


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