Weekend Reading – Giving thanks U.S. style, a good week and great blogs


It was a good week for My Own Advisor.  Earlier this week, I learned one of my U.S. stocks increased their dividend, again, by almost 4%.  On Tuesday, Dividend Stock Analysis mentioned yours truly as their investment blogger of the month.  On Wednesday, Million Dollar Journey posted one of my articles:  Not Retired Yet?  Ignore the 4% Withdrawal Rule.  On Thursday, I learned our most recent lump sum mortgage payment has us finishing off the mortgage 9 years from now, to this very week.  It would be nice to have no mortgage, but knowing when the finish line is gives me some inspiration to keep the pedal down on our lump sum payments.  What about you?  Anything motivate you this past week?

Congratulations to Mel who correctly answered my skill-testing question and was the randomly selected winner for the FREE book giveaway – Cash Cows, Pigs and Jackpots by David Trahair.  Stay tuned for more giveaways, as a thank you for reading and sharing the articles from My Own Advisor.  

Lastly, I hope my readers to the South are enjoying their Thanksgiving.  Enjoy the feasts, the football and the fun that comes with shopping for holiday deals.

Here’s the Weekend Reading list…

RateSupermarket.ca has a great holiday promotion underway for the same credit card I own.  Given the holidays are full of spending, and as long as you are spending, you might as well get a credit card that will serve you the best.  Upon qualified approval, you’ll receive a FREE $100 Gift Card and a chance to win $1,100 cash based on your credit card application here.

The Dividend Guy Blog answered a question I’ve received as well:  why bother with dividend stocks when you can own dividend ETFs instead?

I laughed quite a bit listening to Preet Banerjee’s podcast about more Door Knocking dorks this week.  He also spent some time talking about the U.S. fiscal cliff, but that wasn’t as funny.

Finance Fox wondered what your first job was and what you learned from it.

Michael James on Money said a job loss is just one reason people default on their mortgage.

Check out this article about The Scaredy Cat Vanguard Dividend Appreciation Portfolio.

Mark Goodfield had a detailed post about taxable employment benefits.

Dividend Monk interviewed hometown boy Kanwal Sarai.  When is my interview?

Canadian Budget Binder reviewed another interesting book.

Boomer & Echo told us why we should avoid group RESPs.

The Passive Income Earner continues to make good coin, in his November 2012 dividend income update.

Thanks to some help from Justin Bender, John Heinzl said the choice is clear between bonds and GICs for taxable investments.

Canadian Capitalist provided a great roundup of articles associated with the “My Best Financial Tip” campaign spearheaded by Glenn Cooke of Life Insurance Canada, a campaign that encouraged Canadian bloggers to publish their best financial tip over the last week.  This was mine in case you missed it.

Modest Money said Google’s PageRank is not just about links.

Retire Happy said some assumptions are essential for your financial plan.

Big Cajun Man shared some dumb investment reasoning.

Beating The Index said SecondWave Petro joins the walking dead.

Affordable condos might actually be coming to Vancouver, so BankNerd tells us.

The Globe & Mail told us 3 ways to make money grow.  #2 is my favourite.

Saving Advice shared 10 reasons to avoid Black Friday.

SPF said make your own Play-Doh to avoid a 459% product markup.  Wow, that’s almost as bad as the markups on golf clubs – seriously.

Freeat33 said this is how you can retire in 10 years.

Larry MacDonald said the housing market is correcting, not collapsing.

I’m in Blog Carnivals this week thanks to:

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24 Responses to "Weekend Reading – Giving thanks U.S. style, a good week and great blogs"

  1. Thanks for the mention Mark, I really appreciate it!

    Wow, sounds like you’ve had an awesome week! Mortgage to be paid off in 9 years? That would be an amazing accomplishment!

  2. Thanks Mark!
    Really great to have been included in the list.

  3. The |Blunt Bean Counter says:

    Hey Mark, thx for the mention and for being noted in your Foreign Reporting post on Monday. Sometimes it all comes together, sounds like you had one of those weeks. Got to love those kind of weeks, kind of like when you break 80, or for you 70 :)

  4. Thanks for the inclusion, no Black Friday mayhem for me! Enjoy your weekend too!

  5. Hey Mark!

    You are all over the place this week :-) that’s awesome!

    9 years to go on your mortgage? wow! that’s great! Congrats! This also reminds me that I have to work on my mortgage payoff plan…lol!

    enjoy the weekend and thx for the mention!

    • Yeah, it was a good week.

      Yup, 9 more years this week to kill the mortgage. If I can kill the mortgage, and earn about $30,000 per year in dividend income…I figure I can retire. Thoughts?

  6. Eddie says:

    Great list Mark!
    Thanks for including me! Have a great weekend!

  7. Thanks very much for the mention Mark.

  8. Hey Mark,
    Thanks for the mention and the great reading list. I’m always looking for new blogs to read and hook up with! Cheers Mr.CBB

  9. I remember tracking my mortgage end date as I made extra payments. It’s a nice feeling to see the end coming for your mortgage. Thanks for the mention.

  10. Thanks for the mention! I have admitted defeat this year for earning more dividends than you :) Next year will be a new battle.

  11. Echo says:

    Thanks for the mention, Mark. We’ve got 11 years to go on our mortgage – the race is on!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Packers-Giants should be a good one tonight!

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