Weekend Reading – Getting what you want, social media IPOs and great blogs


If you push long enough, I guess you can get what you want.  Today, hedge-fund guru Bill Ackman won his fight to replace Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd. (CP)’s chief executive officer, wiping out many board of directors in the process.  For months, Ackman has hinted at hiring Hunter Harrison, the 67-year-old former CEO of rival Canadian National Railway Co. (CNR) – we’ll see if this comes true.  Capitalism at work I guess.

In other interesting business news, Facebook Inc. priced its initial public offering (IPO) at $38 USD per share, making it the world’s # 1 online social network valuation, just over an Austin Powers-esque $100 billion dollars.  Mark Zuckerberg has done rather well for himself, I must say, after founding this company in a Harvard dorm room.  I read Facebook will celebrate its Wall Street debut with an all-night “hackathon” at its headquarters tonight, where Facebook’s computer programmers work on side projects that sometimes become part of the main product offering.  Uh-huh…

While Facebook itself is an interesting tool, I’m not on it enough let alone fascinated enough in the company to buy it.  Maybe I’m missing out on the next Google, who knows.  For now, I’ll sit on the sidelines and watch the theatrics.

This week was a busy one so I only got one blogpost in.  I just finished writing Part 2 of 2 of My Favourite Takeaways – Rob Carrick’s Guide to What’s Good, Bad and Downright Awful in Canadian Investments Today so I should be posting that next week.

I’m also writing a post about our new square foot garden.  We not only want to invest in ourselves financially but also in our health – which is why we’ve started our garden.  We’ve got a small 3′ x 5′ raised crib to fill, ready to go for the great Ottawa weather expected this weekend.  All that to say, I hope to post a few articles about our garden, what is cost us, how we built it and what we expect to grow.

Before I get to those posts, check out these great articles this long weekend.  While you’re on my blog this weekend by the way, spread the word about My Own Advisor.  We’re getting closer to 600 readers and over 500 followers on Twitter, and I have no intention of slowing down.

Have a great long weekend!

Canadian Personal Finance wrote, and I agree, why Facebook should be scared about its revenue strategy.

Michael James on Money had a nice story about Jose Canseco and his recent charity efforts in Ottawa.

Jim Yih told us 3 ways to buy bonds.

Prairie EcoThrifter offered some advice when times are tough.

Boomer & Echo gave some inspiration to young adults, and how they can thrive financially.

Dividend Monk said Philip Morris is a solid buy.

The Loonie Bin shared his strategy to pay taxes now, so there’s hopefully less tax to pay later.

Million Dollar Journey shared his Smith Manoeuvre Portfolio Update for May 2012.  Impressive dividend income.

Y&T wrestled the RRSP vs. RESP contribution question.

BankNerd told us about a new Scotia iTrade App.

Canadian Capitalist reminded readers about the benefits of market diversification, citing limitations in holding only the TSX Composite Index in your portfolio. “The US stock market also offers exposure to sectors such as Information Technology, Healthcare and Consumer goods that have a much smaller representation in the Canadian index.  The MSCI EAFE Index which provides exposure to developed stock markets in Europe and the Pacific region is also well diversified across sectors.”

Financial Highway discussed increasing fixed income returns.

Big Cajun Man discussed taking advantage of rules when you can.

Beating The Index discussed the Viking Oil play in Alberta…a very detailed post for those invested or considering an investment in Canadian oil producers.

Money Smarts Blog is back, wondering if you should sell your house and avoid the market crash.

Canadian Couch Potato reviewed a new book, one that I would like to read, in a post entitled “Market Timing Goes to College”.

SPF had a post why “No More Lattes” rarely work.

Invest It Wisely told us how living to 100 will affect our retirement plans.  Geez, if I live to 100, I need more dividend income!

Preet Banerjee had another cool podcast this week, this one focusing on Canada’s real estate market, including some interesting material from Darth Vader.  Yes, Darth Vader – you read that correctly.

My Passive Income friend, who is on a quest to live off dividend income as well, released his impressive dividend income report for May 2012.

Susan Brunner reviewed Progressive Waste Solutions, a company I like and own.

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  1. Use the rules to work for you, it’s always a good thing. Thanks for the mention have a great weekend, I’ll be giving blood on Friday night, anybody reading this should think of giving this weekend too!

  2. Thanks as always for including us Mark. I thing FB is way overvalued, and laughed as it came out much higher than originally expected today, and yet was immediately hit with “sell” ratings. Interesting fact, Bono was an early investor and made a killing on FB.


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