Weekend Reading – Financial Literacy month and great blogs supporting it


Kudos to Glenn Cooke for organizing a great campaign today in support of Financial Literacy month.  Earlier today, I wrote about My Best Financial Tip and I managed to read a host of other articles on the same topic as well.  Some of those articles are listed below and many others from the blogosphere for your weekend reading.

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The Outlier Model wrote about a plan to pay off $27,000 in student loans.

Your Wealth Effect wondered how to kill a financial zombie.

Y&T said you shouldn’t be worried around retirement just yet.

Retire Happy Blog outlined some key ages for retirement planning activities.

Passive Income Earner continued to outline his RESP strategy.

Boomer & Echo told us why they became a DIY investor.   Here is part of that post:  “I realize not everyone is cut out for investing on their own, and so many people will look for help from a professional advisor.  But it’s important to understand what you’re invested in, and how much it’s costing you, even if you leave the details up to your advisor.”

Michael James said property taxes may not be going up as much as you think.  Ours will be phased-in at 5%, which will be lower than the average of 6.4%.

Andrew Hallam wrote about odd advisors.

MDJ gave you some tips to figure out your TFSA contribution room.

InsurEye provided 101 tips to save money on insurance.

Rob Carrick pointed folks to a cool website, and I will do the same, find out here how far you can drive after your gas light comes on in the car.

Canadian Personal Finance wondered if non-mortgage debt is out of control.

Canadian Budget Binder released the family’s net worth update.

Canadian Couch Potato informed us why market beating strategies don’t last.

The Blunt Bean Counter offered some suggestions to manage capital losses to offset capital gains.

CMT suggested you should retire without a mortgage.  I plan on it!

Big Cajun Man says there could be a bunch of things to worry about @ 2 AM in the morning.

Congratulations to Tim Stobbs, now mortgage free at age 34!

Avrex Money said congratulations if you own mutual funds, you’ll be working another 3 years because of it.

Canadian Capitalist said buy a home you can afford.

SPF wondered how you justify your consumption.

Money Smarts Blog suggests you take a long term view of your finances.

Dividend Ninja said why you should start investing now!

Grocery Alerts said you can still make the most of the holidays on a tight budget.

Finance Fox said the key to financial success is budgeting.

Preet Banerjee decided to take a few people on a joy ride in the rain in a BMW around a racetrack.  The only thing was, it wasn’t Preet’s BMW.  Watch the NSFW video here.

I’m in Blog Carnivals this week thanks to:

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