Weekend Reading – Expert comments, increased readership and many great blogs


It’s been a great week for My Own Advisor – thanks very much everyone!

All kidding aside, Larry Swedroe was very kind to respond to my post earlier this week:  I disagree with an expert, buying what you know makes sense.  You can read Larry’s response to my article and mine back to him.  Thanks for stopping by Larry and providing your insight! 

I think what struck me again this week, was the power of the internet.  I respect Larry a great deal and I think it’s great my blog can be a medium to share perspectives, opinions and facts about personal finance and investing – even if people disagree – with the goal to make everyone involved more educated about their financial decisions.  I’m learning all the time.  I appreciate experts, authors and amateurs alike taking the time to read my content, share content from other sources and make contributions.  Keep it up and keep it coming folks!

Now here’s a long list of articles to check out over the next few days.  Enjoy your weekend!


Boomer & Echo wondered if Manulife One is worth a look.  I’ve thought about it but with really only a fat mortgage to worry about (no credit card debt, LOC debt), I can’t justify the $14 monthly fee in my head.

Canadian Personal Finance shared a handy table from Rob Carrick, listing the top 20 TSX-listed stocks that have increased their dividends the most over the past 10 years.

Andrew Hallam said investing is simple, but not easy. Andrew reminded his readers:  “My account is simple. And it’s well into seven figures. But large accounts don’t have to be complicated.  The hard part about investing is trying to ignore the investment media and your own instincts. Our gut reactions, unfortunately, usually hamper our money’s potential.”

Beating The Index gave us a list of great articles and his thoughts on the U.S. oil and gas sector.

Balance Junkie also did her part – read more about online investment fraud here.

Canadian Capitalist provided readers with an update on his Sleepy Mini Portfolio.

Dan Bortolotti from Canadian Couch Potato was kind enough to answer yet another reader question about investing with multiple accounts.

Canadian Finance Blog said teaching is a great job if you want a side gig.

Big Cajun Man wondered why don’t they empty the dishwasher  Wait, that reminds me of something I need to do…

Dividend Monk shared 3 dividend payers benefiting from the network effect

Dividend Ninja wrote a detailed post about restructuring his portfolio for retirement, focusing on dividend-paying stocks and a mixture of bond funds and bond ETFs.  This approach might not work for you but it certainly appears it’s going to work for the Ninja based on his plan and other income streams.  I suggest you check it out because I’m sure you’ll learn something about charting your own financial path.

Financial Highway shared some tax tips to avoid an audit.

Finance Fox said it’s hard to get excited about a 0.05% return on savings.  I wouldn’t be excited at all!

Kevin from Invest It Wisely wrote a great post about the things you need to know before going the freelancer route.  Kevin said: “What could be more comfortable than blogging from bed, or waking up when one pleases? How about being able to blog from the beach and drink a beer at the same time, while working only a few hours per week?  It sounds really nice, but the reality is probably a little bit different.”

Michael James on Money told us about the dangers of some income funds.

BankNerd highlighted the Scotiabank mortgage-free faster contest.

Million Dollar Journey reviewed the MBNA Worldpoints MasterCard.

My University Money compared a golfing addiction to a cocaine addiction.  Now that’s a headline!  I certainly can’t speak about the latter but I know the game of golf well and I love it!  What other sport teaches you so many of life’s lessons?  If you play this great game, you’ll know what I mean. 🙂

Retire by 40 started to rethink retiring by 40.

The Loonie Bin shared his dividend income for February 2012.  Well done!

Sustainable Personal Finance shared 5 Canadian dividend stocks to consider.

The Blunt Bean Counter offered some confessions as a tax accountant.

The Dividend Guy wrote a somewhat controversial post – stating a 100% dividend stock portfolio is a safe portfolio.  Not sure I agree with that since I think bonds always have their place in a balance portfolio; they do in ours at least.   That said, I do like what dividend stocks offer me:   protection from inflation.

The Financial Blogger asked what you’d be willing to do to work only 4 days per week.

Passive Income Earner shared how to transfer shares to your kids.  A great post!  Passive said:  “It’s simple, you can invest small amounts and there are no fees.”

Tusk Trader explained on Where Does All My Money Go what the trading floor is like on a day when big market swings occur.  Find out what he wrote after “Once a market begins to be down 400 points or more, the office actually….”

Young & Thrifty shared her experience with home insurance.

Prairie EcoThrifter wondered if you’re better off with a financial adviser or discount broker

Susan Brunner reviewed a stock I’ve been thinking about for my portfolio:  Russell Metals.

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  1. Great numbers Mark.

    I really enjoyed reading your article disagreeing with an expert and the comments that followed. I enjoy my investing in what I know and while I share your disagreement I sure am no expert either. To each his opinion, to each his cup of tea.

    Have a great weekend!


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