Weekend Reading – Dividend hikes, Millionaire Teacher giveaway, MDJ blogiversary and more!

Before we get to this week’s great list of articles, let’s start with some great news if you’re a dividend investor like me:

Today, Bell Canada (BCE) announced it is raising its dividend by 5%; payouts will begin in BCE’s first-quarter payout on April 15, 2012.  As a shareholder, thank you Ma Bell!  I just got a raise and I didn’t do a thing.

Montreal-based National Bank (NA), Canada’s sixth largest bank, said its quarterly dividend will rise four cents to $0.75 cents per share, based on a 2% rise in banking profits.

Laurentian Bank of Canada (LB), Canada’s seventh largest bank increased its dividend for the second time in a year; boosting its quarterly dividend 7.1% to $0.45 cents per share.

Later this month, I expect a few other holdings of mine to increase their dividend:

AT&T (T:US) – it did so in December 2010 while announcing a share buy-back.  It has improved its dividend since 1985, so I like my chances.

Enbridge (ENB) – they have increased their dividend by an average of 10% since initiating the payment since the early 1950s.  As long as people expect to heat their homes, I expect Enbridge to pay dividends.  Update:  On December 7th – Enbridge increased their dividend by 15%!  

Wow, show us the money!

Finally, if you haven’t commented or tweeted yet about my Millionaire Teacher posts, I encourage you to get on that.  Why?  Click here – you still have a few days left to win your free copy of Andrew’s outstanding book!

Until next week, have a safe, happy and health weekend!

Million Dollar Journey is celebrating 5 years! Congrats FrugalTrader! From humble beginnings to 16,000 subscribers and over 10 million hits over the past five years, you’ve REALLY come a loooong ways. Your site continues to be one of my favourites.  Again, well done.

In the that’s ironic theme, Tom Bradley from Steadyhand noted “While Scott (from Steadyhand) finds it ironic that the low-fee fund firms come out of high-cost Vancouver, I find it equally ironic that two of the highest fee firms in the industry come out of my home town, Winnipeg, which is known as the wholesale capital of Canada…”  Go figure indeed.

Jim Yih gave us some good advice regarding how often you should review your estate plan.  Examples of when you should, include getting married, getting divorced, you have a child, you have a significant new asset, you move to another province or territory and you, your spouse or your child are facing serious financial difficulties.

Dividend Guy shared 14 dividend stocks for a portfolio that beat the market in 2011.  Some of those U.S. stocks are Microsoft (MSFT), Intel (INTC), Coca-Cola (KO), Telus (T) and Verizon (VZ).  Some of those Canadian stocks are Bell Canada (BCE), Telus (T), Husky (HSE) and Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS).  It’s somewhat comforting to know I own a handful of these stocks but past performance should never be equated to future performance.

My friend over at Dividend Ninja continues to give stuff away, this time, a booked by Kylie Ofiu entitled 365 Ways to Make Money.

Dividend Mantra provided readers with his November 2011 dividend income update.  Great work!

Dan from Canadian Couch Potato told us why we should beware of first dates.  At first, I wasn’t sure if Dan was talking about a high-school evening gone wrong or how investment performance data can be manipulated using various start dates.  Of course it’s the latter! 🙂

Canadian Capitalist discussed the bid-ask spreads of Vanguard’s new suite of ETFs, and potentially in the process, brought the spreads down single-handedly the same day! 🙂

Michael James took a deeper look at dividend investing, not for himself mind you.

SPF had a guest post who told us about the pros and cons of preferred shares.  For the record, I don’t own any (preferred shares) because of their sensitivity to interest rate movements.

Susan Brunner reviewed one of my favourite stocks:  H&R REIT.

Preet Banerjee answered a reader’s question:  Are MERs tax deductible?   The answer:  nope.   Click here for the full explanation.   He also said not to wait until the grey hairs appear before planning your retirement.

Boomer & Echo said Canadian resources are where it’s at.  I would have to agree.  Beyond Canada’s banks, we’re fortunate to be rich in resources (and excellent resource companies).  My strategy is to pick a few big blue chip stocks in this sector and never sell these companies – collect dividends for decades.

Canadian Mortgage Trends highlighted a great two-year mortgage deal offered by Scotiabank.

TFB discussed his plan to make $10K/month from his online business.   Yes, you read that amount correctly.

Kevin from Invest It Wisely told us about the three stages of financial despair.  Kevin also had one amazing holiday giveaway promotion going on – check it out!

Nelson at Financial Uproar told us about 14 investments yielding over 10%.   I love yields, but that’s too rich and scary for me.

Tom Drake from Canadian Finance Blog gave us a few reasons why the Canadian economy is not that bad.  According to the author quoted in Tom’s post, the best time to live was 17th Century London.  My question is, how would the author know? 🙂

Dividend Monk reviewed IBM for us.

Youngandthrity contines to grow her net worth.

Mich from Beating The Index has an amazing holiday giveaway underway.  You can also read what Mich thinks of Eagle Energy Trust.

The Big Cajun Man was somewhat serious this week, when discussing why the Bank of Canada likely won’t move interest rates for the foreseeable future.   Great for people with mortgages but very bad for the saving and investing community – where’s the incentive again?

Krystal Yee from GMBMFB wrote about how to put TD e-series funds in your account. 

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  1. Thanks for the mention!

    Great news on some of those dividend increases and I like your chances for continued increases, especially AT&T. Although the payout ratio is high and the $3 billion payout to T-Mobile is going to hurt I see them raising that quarterly dividend by 1 cent like usual.

    Have a great weekend MOA!

  2. In a way, MERs are tax deductible in the sense that you only have to pay taxes on the gains after deducting the MER. The catch is that the MER is already deducted from mutual fund returns; you never get to see the gross returns. If you were to try to take a tax deduction for MERs, it would be deducting them twice. Thanks for the mention.

    1. You’re most welcome Y&T!

      Yeah, gotta love Ma Bell. I need more Rogers. That way, if one falls, the other will be there to pick up the slack. I’d love to own Telus, simply too expensive right now. What are your thoughts on the price of Telus?


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