Weekend Reading – China’s rate cut and tons of great blogs


Earlier today, I found out that China cut their interest rates for the first time since 2008, in a move to stimulate growth and defend against the European debt crisis.  Their one-year lending rate will fall from over 6.5% to close to 6.3%.   Personally, this doesn’t seem like a big cut, about 25-basis points.  Will this be enough to trigger corporations and consumers to borrow money, or is this just another sign that tougher economic times are on the horizon?  Will lower Chinese lending rates offset Europe’s economic mess?

Time will tell…won’t it. 

All I know is if China is going to invest somewhere it’s likely going to be in Canada and more than likely in our energy sector.  Probably a good time to buy Canadian dividend paying stocks in our energy sphere.   Just sayin’….

Here’s what some great bloggers and writers were sayin’ over the last couple of weeks. 

Enjoy the reading list!



I thought Rob Carrick wrote a great article this week, entitled Four reasons to beware low interest rates.

Andrew Hallam said to stack the money in your favour.

Balance Junkie said “just because I want to bring awareness to fees, does not mean I am anti-financial advice.”  Read more about that post here.

Dan from Canadian Couch Potato took a peek inside the DFA Global Balanced Fund.   He also had an interesting chat with Carl Richards about behavioural investing.  I’m really looking forward to the next post.

Invest It Wisely continued his series about living to 100 and beyond, with a post entitled Building Your Portfolio.

The Loonie Bin shared his approach when the markets are down.

The Brighter Life said there’s a problem with do it yourself investing.

Financial Highway offered some frugal Father’s Day gift ideas.

Young & Thrifty shared how to port a mortgage.

Preet Banerjee had a great podcast with Jonathan Chevreau.

Canadian Capitalist updated the Sleepy Mini Portfolio for Q2 2012.

Prairie EcoThrifter shared 8 great finds at thrift stores.

Sustainable Personal Finance offered another green tip and you know what?  It involved The Beer Store…

Michael James offered his feedback on Rob Carrick’s new book, saying “The title of Rob Carrick’s latest book, How Not to Move Back in with Your Parents, makes it very clear that he is aiming at young adult readers. He delivers sound and understandable financial advice about school, debt, banks, investing, cars, homes, weddings, and insurance without being preachy.”  I’ve started to read my copy (thanks Rob Carrick) and hope to have a review done in another few weeks.

MDJ offered a fine review of Rob Carrick’s new book.  He’s also giving away some copies.  Go check out his post and get yours!

Boomer and Echo wrote a great post about the best credit cards for travel rewards.

Passive Income Earner provided a nice overview of high interest savings accounts.

Big Cajun Man said money remains loose from the Bank of Canada.

The Dividend Guy listed 11 surging dividend stocks.

Finance Fox listed a bunch of money lies.  There was some funny stuff there.

Dividend Monk said McD’s looks like fair value under $90.

Beating The Index shared his portfolio update for May 2012.  He’s also tweaked the look of his site, which I like.

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  1. I was thinking the same thing when I heard what was going on in China. I don’t know if it will change anything but there might be some good for Canadians that comes out of it. It is still not the norm to see governments wanting people to borrow. Its like opening up the doors for debt and trouble.

    Thanks for the inclusion this week. I really appreciate it.


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