Weekend Reading – Buffett’s big birthday donation and great blogs

Unfortunately it wasn’t a good week for my laptop.  The LCD screen started to do some very odd things so I took it to Future Shop for some diagnostic work.  Looks like my machine will be shipped out soon for repairs, which is a downer.  No laptop for 2 weeks.  Thankfully my wife has a machine I can use when she’s not surfing for deals on her favourite sites.  Hopefully I’ll get some blogposts in over the next few weeks!

This week, I read one of my holdings sunk to a 12-year low, which is not surprising but a little concerning since I anticipate a dividend cut.  This doesn’t happen very often in my portfolio so I’ll have some decisions to make.  Great dividends last week, potentially some cut dividends going forward.  You take the good with the bad I guess…we’ll see and I’ll let you know what I do.

I also read about what Warren Buffett did for 82nd birthday…pretty darn impressive.

Here are some fine reads to check out this weekend – happy reading and thanks for making time to visit My Own Advisor.

A Millionaire Teacher added $20,000 to his Canadian Bond Index fund.

Boomer and Echo tackled a sensitive financial issue for many couples.

The Dividend Guy Blog provided an update on the TSX 60 dividend yields and dates.

Beating The Index provided a portfolio update.  I also asked him about ARX (ARC Resources).  I’ll see what this pro says about that company.

Dividend Mantra shared his dividend income update for AugustDon’t forget about reading mine.

Financial Highway offered some steps to buying a home.

Miss T. discussed the pros and cons of paying your mortgage off early.  I see many more pros than cons, how about you?

Finance Fox said payment protection plans are for suckers.  I agree for the most part, unless of course, you negotiate the insurance and get it for dirt cheap, like for HP  laptops, when the LCD screen fries, for no reason, which is annoying and very frustrating.   Can you tell this happened to someone recently?

Big Cajun Man reported on the Bank of Canada’s decision to hold rates.

Modest Money shared 5 frugal tips to get you through some hardships.

Canadian Personal Finance provided some tips before you move.

MDJ shared 8 ways for students to be debt-free sooner.

Passive Income Earner highlighted some top dividend stocks.

Michael James on Money reported Vanguard Canada introduces 5 new ETFs, as did Canadian Couch Potato.  Overall, seems like a pretty good lineup.  I’m looking forward to Couch Potato’s future posts on withholding taxes, I wasn’t aware if you hold US stocks in Canadian-domiciled ETF like XSP in your RRSP, you are subject to the withholding taxes.  I guess this is a good reason why it’s good to hold U.S. listed ETFs like VWO, VTI, VNQ, etc. inside an RRSP because they escape withholding taxes.

Canadian Capitalist provided an update on the Sleepy Mini-Portfolio.

Balance Junkie wondered if Canadians are overly optimistic about debt.  My answer:  probably.  I’m not a fan of debt but I’ve got 10 more years of it with my mortgage.

Invest It Wisely had a fun post….the #1 reason why European waitresses love Americans.  Can you guess why?  Keep your mind out of the gutter folks…

The Loonie Bin had some tidy dividend income.

See you next week!

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17 Responses to "Weekend Reading – Buffett’s big birthday donation and great blogs"

  1. Thanks for the mention, Mark.

    I’m in the same boat as you with TA. It’s only 100 shares but I’ve also made enough in dividends to soften the blow if I do sell. I guess we will find out later this month which way things will go.

    1. Yeah, I recall you owned TA. I own a bit more than you do, but still nervous. What is the worst that can happen – a 50% dividend cut? Thoughts? Even then, I might continue to own at 4% yield. It’s not like TA customers don’t need power!?

  2. I bought TransAlta back in ’09 but sold it about 6-7 months later after re-aligning my dividend investing approach to look for better dividend growth stocks. At the time, their payout ratio was atrocious, and I’m sure it’s not much better now. It’s hard to sell a stock at the bottom, but it’s also tough to see the upside with this stock.

    Thanks for the mention!

    1. Yeah, I recall you telling me that. You probably made a smart move and I didn’t. The yield is over 8% now. Big time dangerzone. The stock has upside, but it could be some time. Then again, I don’t like to buy stocks rising in price. Don’t worry about the mention, I visit your site often 🙂

  3. Thanks for the mention!
    Glad we share the view on warranty insurance, but if you negotiated it for dirt cheap, it has already paid dividends and then some. Have a great weekend! Cheers!

  4. Thanks for the inclusion Mark!

    Sorry to hear about the drop in value for one of your holdings. Always tough when a long-term holding goes through a rough patch. What to do, what to do.

    WB is generous, indeed. All part of the plan to give away his wealth. Good on him.

    Hope you have a great weekend.

    Best wishes!

    1. You’re welcome Mantra! Yeah, the drop in TransAlta is not fun….but I suspect nothing less than a 50% dividend cut is coming. That would still put the yield to about 4%, which isn’t bad and it’s not like the energy this company provides is not needed. We’ll see.

      Have a great weekend as well.


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