Weekend Reading – Bloggers go mainstream edition

Before we get to this weekend’s great reads, I’d like to thank journalist April Fong for an interview she conducted with me a couple of weeks ago that appeared in the Toronto Star on October 5.   April was great to give me an opportunity to contribute to her article entitled Social media gives investors a voice.

In this article, April discussed the power social media can provide to the people whereby investors considering a do-it-yourself approach or even those who pay for money management services can learn at their own pace from a host of great online forums and websites.  During my interview with April for The Star, I highlighted the following stellar resources folks should consider if you haven’t already done so:

Canadian Money Forum

Administrators Frugal Trader and Canadian Capitalist have done an amazing job managing this online free forum whereby folks can discuss a variety of personal finance and investing topics.  Everything from investing in ETFs and personal money diaries to finding great deals for your cellphone, this site has it all.


Find deals of the day for apparel, entertainment, food and drink and chat communities about personal finance.   This site is not only practical with loads of information at your fingertips, it’s also very kind to your wallet 🙂


There are tons of great Canadian personal finance and investing blogs out there but Million Dollar Journey is one the best.  FrugalTrader got serious about investing after graduating from university at age 23 and he hasn’t stopped since.  He has a goal to achieve net worth of least $1 million by the time he’s 35 and you know what, he’s getting close.  Very impressive FT, no wonder you have almost 16,000 readers!

Thanks again April for the interview and stay in touch!

Lastly, before the list of quality reads, I wanted to say congratulations to Dividend Ninja for his inclusion in the November 2011 edition of MoneySense.    Julie Cazzin did an excellent job profiling real folks who love tax-free savings accounts (TFSAs) and how they’re leverging this account to meet their saving and retirement needs.  Get More Out Of Your TFSA is a must read not only to find out what The Ninja invests in but also learn more about what TFSAs can do for you!

Alrightly, now that we’ve talked about bloggers going mainstream, check out the goods below before I’m back next week.

Have a safe, happy and healthy weekend!

Dividend Ninja is giving away one autographed copy of Never too Late, Take Control of Your Retirement and Your Future by straight-talker, smart-saver media mogul Gail Vaz-Oxlade.  Hurry over to his site to get your chance to win Gail’s book!

The Wealthy Canadian was busy again this week, posting his perspectives on purchasing an investment or retirement property. TWC also made time to close-out his series on becoming an index investor. He pulled the trigger and made some purchases. Want to know what The Wealthy Canadian bought?

Kevin from Invest It Wisely wrote about protecting your stuff in the cloud.

Dan from Canadian Couch Potato discussed the topic of, well, couch potatoes but wondered if they are  the next financial time bomb.

Mike from Money Smarts Blog told us to separate financial advice from mutual fund fees, and closed his post with: “The reality is that there are a fair number of lower cost investment products available inCanada and the majority of Canadian investors are just not interested.”

Big Cajun Man not only surpassed 1000 readers this week (nicely done!), he was also surprised by a 5% credit card payment.

Dividend Partisan shared why he absolutely loves dividends.

Mich from Beating The Index told us about an emerging player in the oil sector.

Andrew Hallam wondered if we should really teach our kids to gamble.

Balance Junkie wondered if the Occupy Wall Street movement is our tipping point.

Michael James wrote about trying to get back his fair share(s) from Tyco.

The Dividend Guy provided some analysis of his recent buy:  Intel.  He also asked “Dear Investors, Why Are You Paying Those Fees?”

Dividend Monk wrote another great review of dividend-favourite:  McDonald’s.

Million Dollar Journey, one of Canada’s biggest blogs, had a detailed post about ING Direct’s Streetwise Mutual Funds.

Retire Happy Blog wondered if we need a new word to define “retirement”.

Boomer & Echo provided readers with a comprehensive interview with Mike Holman, respected Canadian blogger and author of The RESP Book.

Dividend Mantra provided us with some great weekend reading material – thanks for including me amongst some stellar company!   He also shared this thoughts on having an emergency fund.

Krystal tells us why she bought the iPhone 4S (even though it cost her about $800).

Preet said global diversification of the S&P 500 has been on the rise.  Not only did he find time to write for the Globe & Mail this week, appear on The National but he also managed to offer readers an outstanding cell phone deal.  Click here for more details!

Young & Thrifty had a guest post regarding the top teenage misconceptions about money.  I think many of those might apply to 30-year-olds! 🙂

SPF told us how to find dividend aristocrats.

Dividend Growth Investor provided us with a detailed stock analysis of Enterprise Product Partners (EPD).

Canadian Capitalist wrote about the state of the Canadian ETF industry.

Canadian Finance Blog said financial success comes from working harder.  I agree, there is little substitute for that, which is not limited to financial success in life.

The Financial Blogger gave an honest and transparent analysis of what went wrong with his ebook?  Pretty great of him to share this with his readers.

Chat next week folks!

Mark Seed is the founder, editor and owner of My Own Advisor. As my own financial advisor, I've grown our portfolio from $100,000 to well over $500,000. Our next big goal is to own a $1 million investment portfolio for an early retirement. Come follow my saving and investing journey by subscribing to my site. Enter your email address: Delivered by Subscribe to My Own Advisor by Email

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  1. MOA Thanx for the mention! and for the congratulations also! I haven’t received my copy of MoneySense yet, but I’m excited to see how they put the photos and articles together 🙂 I know Julie wrote a great piece on that.

    And another stellar weekly round-up my friend!

    I just received Millionaire Teacher today underneath the mailbox. WOW this is really an amazing book 🙂 Now I have to get my review written before you and TWC do!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. MOA,

    Thanks for the mention! Great roundup here with plenty of quality articles I’ve read, and a lot that I haven’t (yet).

    Congrats on that interview. You’re moving up in the world, sir!

    Have a great weekend.

    1. No problem Kim, I liked your article! Yeah, MoneySense is doing a much better job of using “real people” for their articles, I think it’s the way to go…those are my favourite types of articles. Too much theory is just that 🙂

      Have a great weekend!


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