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Weekend Reading 5

Weekend Reading – Best credit cards, mortgage terms, net worth and much more

Welcome to some Weekend Reading fans.  Thanks again for your support of my site and my journey.  This week I provided some advice for Millennials seeking any sort of retirement plan and if you’re worried about a lower Loonie then read this post. All the best to you this weekend and see you here again next week! My friends at Greedy Rates identified the best travel credit cards for 2015. Forbes listed some very rich athletes. Rob McLister highlighted some mortgage term studs and dogs. Preet Banerjee has some good advice about calculating ...

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What Can Investors Do About The Dropping Loonie?

As a Canadian you’ve noticed how fast our dollar has fallen in recent months.  Between that and oil prices, there is not much else to talk about.  Except maybe housing and real estate prices!  Back to the dropping loonie you might be thinking “how can I take advantage of this?” One option you might be looking at is currency-hedged index funds. They were once a popular choice with Canadian investors. Recently more and more people have realized that their cost is higher than the benefits.  If the loonie has a quick rebound, Canadian investors ...

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Smart Investing

Attention Millennials – Here is your game plan for retirement

A few months ago I got an email from a reader as a follow-up to this post: You make a lot of great points in your previous post–I especially like how you said to own the banks themselves instead of mutual funds. Timing the market can also be a pitfall for eager first-time investors, so I’m glad you included the second and third bullet points as well. For the new post, I’d love to hear about how you learned this advice. Was it through making financial mistakes and correcting them, watching others make them, or just thinking logically? Essentially, ...

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Weekend Reading

Weekend Reading – Success, ETFs, Forbes, leverage, savings boost and more

Welcome to another Weekend Reading edition, where you can find some of the best personal finance and investing articles from the week that was.  This week it was all about updates on this site – where we’re at with some of our 2015 financial goals and how a hybrid approach of owning many dividend paying stocks and a few low-cost indexed products are helping us reach financial freedom. It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks at work and things at home have been busy as well.  We’re looking forward to entertaining this weekend ...

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Dividend Income

May 2015 Dividend Income Update

Want higher yields on your investments?  Want steady income?  Don’t want to feel forced to spend the capital? Then you need to take on some investing risks. Not HUGE risks mind you, although this is just my opinion. This is the world of owning dividend stocks for passive income and it doesn’t need to be a fool’s game.  In fact, many Canadian dividend stocks are household names and have been paying dividends for generations: Bank of Montreal (BMO) – paid dividends since 1829. Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) – paid dividends since ...

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