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Dividend Income

August 2014 Dividend Income Update

Welcome to my latest dividend income update for 2014.  For those of you new to these posts on my site, every month I discuss my approach to investing using dividend paying stocks and how reinvesting the dividends paid from the Canadian companies I own are helping me reach financial freedom.   You can check out my previous dividend income update here. My plan is rather simple, almost downright boring, executed this way over the last 6+ years:  I invest in many established Canadian companies with no intention of selling them and I reinvest ...

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2014 Financial Predictions – September Update

Earlier this year, just for fun I shared some financial predictions for 2014.  Here’s a recap of what I predicted and where things are at year-to-date: The Dow Jones Industrial Average will finish the year at 16,700. It opened the year around 16,441. It is now 17,137. The S&P/TSX Composite will finish the year at 14,200. It opened the year around 13,594.  It is now 15,560. Our Canadian Dollar will finish the year at $0.90 compared to the US Dollar. It opened the year around $0.94.  It is now $0.92. Fortis (FTS) will increase their ...

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Weekend Reading

Weekend Reading – Giveaways, mortgage free, dividends and more

Welcome to another Weekend Reading list folks.  Earlier this week, I wrote about Life Insurance 101 and I also provided a primer for opening your online discount brokerage account. Enjoy these articles and I’ll be back next week with a new dividend income update and more. HowToSaveMoney.ca rates the best Air Miles Credit Cards and has a small cash giveaway underway – enter here. Sean Cooper offered a guest post on Boomer & Echo about being mortgage free in his early 30s. This is an update on John Heinzl’s model dividend portfolio, ...

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Opening Your Online Brokerage Account Primer

Buying and selling Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), owning your individual stocks or other securities through an online brokerage firm is not difficult work but this can be very intimidating work for new investors.  I suspect this is like anything new but once you know how, well, you know how. Thankfully, many online brokerages have excellent Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) forums not to mention a team of Customer Service Representatives ready by the phone and via email to answer any questions new or experienced investors might have.  For today’s ...

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Life Insurance

Life Insurance 101 and Then Some

Let’s face it, life insurance, the various types, terms, products and durations available to the Canadian consumer is downright confusing and overwhelming.  I’ve struggled to figure this stuff out and I write about personal finance, saving, debt and investing every week.  So, for today’s post thanks to some help from my friends at LSM Insurance I thought I’d post a life insurance primer, and then some.  The guidelines below are just that, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to risk.  That’s what insurance means to me anyhow, ...

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