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Weekend Reading

Weekend Reading – Investments, travel rewards, income updates and more

Welcome to your Weekend Reading! This week the blog was busy with these posts in case you missed them: What Frugal People Do and Don’t This latest dividend income update on my retirement plan What this reader thinks about high-yield stocks and a few ways he looks for them. For my Canadian readers, I wish you all a safe, happy and healthy Thanksgiving with family and those dear to you.  See you here next week! Larry Swedroe wrote about the problems with technical analysis. This blogger, Asset Grinder, is making a killing from his investments. Dan ...

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Looking at high yield stocks in a different way

The following is a guest post from Rob, a fan of My Own Advisor living in Munich, Germany. Conventional wisdom says that high yields are a warning sign and for the most part I think the folks that share that wisdom are correct. But this year after selling off a large portion of my holdings, sitting out and waiting for the market “correction” that never happened, I decided to get back into the market.  There was a problem with my plan though:  everything I wanted to buy had gotten quite expensive.  The stocks I wanted to buy were not overpriced ...

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Dividend Income

September 2014 Dividend Income Update

I enjoyed this quote from David Chilton in Jonathan Chevreau’s recent article so much I figured I’d lead off with it for this month’s dividend income update. “Invariably, Chilton told me, the portfolios that had done the best over the long haul were of individual blue-chip Canadian stocks bought a long time ago and never sold. More often than not, they simply reinvested the dividends into more of the same stock.” Jonathan Chevreau went on to write: “I was reminded of this conversation a few weeks ago when an investor who had read ...

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Investing Advice

Frugal People Dos and Don’ts

Frugal folks aren’t necessarily cheap but they do watch what they spend and where they spend their money. “Frugal” from Latin frugalis; from frugi ‘economical, thrifty’; from frux, frug, ‘fruit’. Here are some key things I’ve noticed about frugal people: They look for sales or at least ask for deals. They rarely give-in to lifestyle inflation. They don’t drive expensive cars (unless they can afford it now based on their past frugal ways). They don’t spend lots of money on themselves. They aren’t infatuated with gadgets. They ...

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Weekend Reading 7

Weekend Reading – HBP, stocks, travel, Vanguard assets and more

Welcome to your latest Weekend Reading list.  Before I get to those articles, I want to highlight this article about pensions and recap a few things I’ve learned about money.  Maybe you have a take on either topic so make sure you leave me a comment. Enjoy these articles from the best of the personal finance and investing blogopshere and see you again next week!  Thanks for reading and sharing. Holy Potato suggested scrapping the RRSP-Home Buyers Plan now that Canadians have Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs). Our Big Fat Wallet shared some ...

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