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Smart Saving and Investing Advice: My Story

Who am I? Just a guy that met my lady in university with a dream to live happily ever after… Here’s my story about smart saving and investing that allowed me to step away from the working world, earlier than most. Just Like You – Starting Out For me (and maybe just like you) schooling was not my passion. I worked hard in university but not enough to secure scholarships to fund my way. I had to fund my own post-secondary education (and so did my wife for the most part). To make ends meet I held down a few jobs while struggling with my engineering ...

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Dividend Income

October 2014 Dividend Income Update

Canadians have been urged to save more for retirement.  There are some good reasons for that.  On average we’re living longer and that longevity risk has the potential to derail our financial plans.  There are also other risks that need to be controlled.  Those include: Volatility – the magnitude of losses and gains over time due to market swings. Financial risk – how much decline in your portfolio you can accept given the need to preserve capital. Erosion of purchasing power – there are risks that investment returns will not keep pace ...

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Weekend Reading

Weekend Reading – Financial literacy, holiday budgets, debt and more

Hello friends…in support of Financial Literacy Month #FLM2014 I thought I’d link to this article about name changes needed to some financial accounts. As a fan of Daryl Diamond and his expertise and perspectives on retirement, I wrote about the Cash Wedge here and I also shared some retirement perspectives of my own. Next week, stay tuned for a few articles including my latest dividend income update and with it a chance to win a FREE 1-year online subscription to Canadian MoneySaver thanks to my partnership with them. Enjoy these articles ...

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Retirement Perspectives

I’m not near “retirement age” yet but I think about it often.  I suppose for individuals in their 50s and 60s, they are forced to think about retirement and how to fund it more often than they care to admit.  No doubt recent stock market volatility has forced many people to question if they can retire at all, if so by when and how much might be enough. Most personal finance and investment books I’ve read focus on asset accumulation tactics:  saving for retirement, what investments you should own, what accounts you should use over other ...

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Cash Wedge

Cash Wedge and Opening the Investment Taps

A “cash wedge” is what Daryl Diamond, financial planner, author, educator and respected financial professional on all-things retirement money management calls the income delivery process.  Daryl Diamond should know a thing or two about the “cash wedge”, Daryl is largely responsible for the concept, a process dedicated to helping retirees reconcile their income needs to fund their lifestyle objectives securely. The way I see it, most retirees will need to withdraw capital from their investment portfolios and take advantage of government ...

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