Weekend Reading – Obama is back, fiscal cliffs and great blogs

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, a very big rock, President Barack Obama won four more years of work in the toughest job on the planet.  On Tuesday night, I watched the election coverage online and on TV.  I actually found the events online, on various websites and following a few Twitter feeds more enjoyable than the network coverage.  Then again, I did enjoy listening to James Carville talk on CNN, wouldn’t he be amazing covering NASCAR?

What happens when you get this close to a fiscal cliff?  You better watch your step. The US fiscal cliff – which take effects in less than two months – includes some $7 trillion USD worth of tax increases and spending cuts over a decade in the US.  Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney said in Montreal today the so-called fiscal cliff looming over U.S. lawmakers is the most imminent threat facing the Canadian economy.  It might be a bumpy road for the next few years…

Instead of worrying too much about more economic doom and gloom, or the end of the Mayan calendar in another 6 weeks, take some time to relax, get educated and be entertained with this list of great articles.  Also, if you haven’t already done so, make sure you enter my giveaway to win a FREE copy of Cash Cows, Pigs and Jackpots, David Trahair’s latest book.

Enjoy the weekend and most importantly, remember those who fought for all the freedoms we enjoy today.

Andrew Hallam told us why bond prices don’t bother him one bit.

Preet Banerjee reminded us November in Financial Literacy month.

Canadian Budget Binder was kind to make my site, the top blog to check out recently.  Thanks very much!

Simply Investing wondered:  buy or hold, what does Buffett think?

The Dividend Guy Blog wrote about a smart investing tip to determine the best dividend growth stocks to own.  As part of his post, he definitely read my mind:  “check out the top holdings in dividend ETFs”.  You can see this information on my site here.

Dividend Mantra is rocking the dividend income.

My friend Justin Bender at PWL Capital provided a great Rate of Return Calculator for us DIY investors to use.  I have added this calculator to my Helpful Sites page.

Modest Money told us what happens to your debt when you die.

Million Dollar Journey had an informative post about insurance for your children.

Financial Highway provided some guidance to help answer the question:  how much house can you afford?

Michael James said you should treat fixed-rate mortgages like a form of insurance on interest rates.

Jim Yih said not all financial advisors understand investing for income.  That’s not very good…

The Blunt Bean Counter deconstructed the income tax cost of working some overtime.

Dividend Monk said Exxon was reasonable around $90 USD.

The Dividend Ninja bought some McDonald’s and Coca-Cola stock.

Canadian Capitalist updated his Sleepy Portfolio for readers.  “Year-to-date the portfolio is up 7.3 percent.”  Nice.

Beating The Index continued his quest to…well… beat the index with a few trades this week.

Boomer & Echo said we can save more money by going green.  I need to write about our practices around our house.

Canadian Personal Finance shared 5 ways to cultivate your retirement plan.

Invest It Wisely said the failure to save will lead to financial disaster.

Canadian Couch Potato warned us to avoid investing by looking solely at the rear-view mirror.

Big Cajun Man explained financial literacy.

The folks at LearnStuff said you should take a break, and gave some good reasons to do so with this infographic.

Finance Fox said these sites can give you some bucks for your old unused electronics.

Vanessa’s Money was not pleased with a blogger’s perspective on women working in male dominated professions.

101 Centavos talked about risk factors associated with your investments.  He said:  “In Modern Portfolio Theory, there are several risk factors that will determine how the fund’s performance measures up against broad or narrow market benchmarks.  Investors would be well served to have at least a passing familiarity with terms like alpha, beta, and R-Squared.”

Mr. Money Mustache interviewed an Early Retirement Extremist on peak oil.

In Carnivals this week:

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Canadian Personal Finance

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16 Responses to "Weekend Reading – Obama is back, fiscal cliffs and great blogs"

  1. Cheers mate, have a great weekend and lots of great reads here. Mr.CBB

  2. Very important day on Monday – in BC it is a holiday for Remembrance day and it is so important to remember those that gave their lives for our freedom.

    BTW, Love the intro graphic!

  3. Echo says:

    Thanks for the mention, Mark. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Well, my interpretation of what Financial Literacy is, we can’t all be Preet Bannerjees, now can we? Have a great if dark weekend.

  5. Mark, thx for the link. Not as keen on David’s books as you.

  6. Eddie says:

    Mark, thanks for the mention. The election coverage was quite interesting online, but pretty interesting on TV as well. Glad Obama came through for another 4.
    Have a wonderful weekend and thanks again!!

  7. Thanks for the mention. Here’s hoping that Trahair’s latest book is better than the previous ones.

  8. Justin Bender says:

    Thank you for the mention, Mark – I hope your readers find the performance calculator helpful and easy to use!

  9. Thanks for including me in your roundup! Much appreciated.

    Hope all is well up north!

    Have a great weekend.

  10. Peter says:

    Have a great weekend Mark.
    Just wondering, what are you doing with CML?

  11. Thanks for including my article at IIW. I really appreciate it.

  12. Happy that Obama is back, sad about the fiscal cliff and great job on the blogs :)

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