Midweek Reading – Chatting with Horizon’s senior managers and great Canadian bloggers


I’m going to be taking holidays for about a week, so posts on My Own Advisor will be slim to none.  I’ll do my best to check comments and feedback from you over the next few days but the intent is to be on vacation and “unplug”.  I suppose that’s what vacations are for.  Besides, I can’t swing a golf club and check email at the same time. 🙂

I enjoyed a nice kick-start to my holiday last night, hanging out with a great team from Horizons ETFs and a bunch of Canadian personal finance bloggers.  Canadian Capitalist, Michael James on Money and the Big Cajun Man were there.  It was also great to see Preet Banerjee again from Canadian personal finance multimedia fame, respected author and writer Larry MacDonald and Rob Carrick, personal finance columnist for the Globe & Mail and a noted author as well.

We chatted about Horizons’ diverse suite of ETFs, indexing, mortgages, credit crises, the Ottawa Senators (no crisis there by the way), Preet’s TV shows, Rob’s new book and some dividend investing, the latter much to the delight of Michael James and Canadian Capitalist actually!  A good time was had by all.  Let’s do it again sooner than later guys.

I’ve got a few posts planned for when I come back, including my struggle with GDSR and TDSR, and my plan for a low-interest rate environment, or any interest rate environment for that matter.  Stay tuned for those articles.

Before I hit the road, I wanted to post a bunch of great articles I read this week.  Check them out.

Take care and happy investing.

Boomer & Echo weighed the pros and cons of waiting to buy a home.

MDJ discussed various forex scams.

Canadian Finance Blog told us how pension income splitting works.

The Financial Blogger discussed your window of opportunity.

Marissa reminded savers that “fun” in “fund” is important.  Nicely said – I can’t wait for my trip!

Michael James on Money was annoyed with some mortgage savings campaigns.  He also enjoyed poking some fun at blog, with a post entitled The Things You Need to Know about Selling Stocks.  In good fun, Michael said in his response to Kanwal’s great post on my site:  “The main idea is that if a business doesn’t give some of its cash back to shareholders in the form of a dividend, you can always just sell some of the stock.”  True, but as long as the companies I own, continue to pay me more money over time regardless of what Mr. Market does, I’ll be a holder of some dividend-paying stocks.  Rest assured for safety and convenience, I will index the rest of my portfolio.  On that note, maybe I need to write a post about when to sell your indexed products? 😉

Retire Happy Blog told us how to minimize taxes on the estate.  He said there are a few things in Canada that are not taxed, so when it comes to estate planning, strongly consider putting your money/assets in a combination of these:  a Tax Free Saving Account (TFSA), principle residence, life insurance and cash.

Retire by 40 listed the best and worst jobs.

SPF asked if Public Service compensation is really so bad?  My answer:  no way!  I think a public service pension is the best game in town if you can play.

Financial Highway offered some tips for yard sale success.

Preet Banerjee said now is the time to get ready for interest rate hikes.   He said:  “Even though the Bank of Canada has not set anything in stone, it’s wise to consider a future with increased interest rates. A hike means mortgage rates, lines of credit and other forms of borrowing money will get more expensive.”  Regardless where rates are headed, I have a plan and I hope to share that with you in a few weeks.

Andrew Hallam said index funds offer a simple plan for retirement riches.

Passive Income Earner is adjusting his DC plan.

Rob Carrick highlighted some of his favourite articles this week – one article telling you not to mistake wealth for financial literacy.

Invest It Wisely shared some mental anchors that are probably holding you back.

Big Cajun Man said…if you have $30 cash….and the answer to the end of this line is, of course, Big Cajun Man buys me dinner.

Check out a great post on Dividend Ninja discussing XDV if you missed it.  I like XDV, but for 0.6% in fees per year, I’d rather own most of the companies directly and skip the fees.  I almost own most of the companies now.

Canadian Capitalist said to be careful if you keep your dividend paying stocks only in a taxable account.  Over time, I’m moving my dividend-payers to my TFSA.  I certainly have a few payers unregistered, so Canadian Capitalist’s advice is duly noted but I’m willing to keep them there for some time to come.

Canadian Mortgage Trends provided an overview of The HOMEWORKS Line of Credit.

The Brighter Life said who to follow on Twitter.  I like the list but I’m not on it, yet!


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