Long Weekend Reading – bank dividends and great blogposts

Thank you Canadian banks!  This week, all four of my bank positions increased their dividends.  This news will definitely help my dividend income for 2012, an update I hope to provide for you soon.

This week was a busy one and unfortunately I’m a little late in getting to my Weekend Reading roundup.  Wherever this email finds you, on your smartphone as you travel this weekend, on your laptop as you sit on your deck or on your PC as you relax around the house, here are some great articles to check out in your downtime.

Hope you’re having a great long weekend!


Canadian Couch Potato took issue with a recent Globe and Mail article, saying it was another weak criticism of indexing.  Here is a snippet of what Dan wrote:  “It’s unfortunate that this passes for debate. There is no data, no research, just a flimsy argument that sounds compelling until you scratch the surface.  If picking winners is so easy, why did 97.3% of Canadian equity manages underperform their benchmarks over the five years ending in 2011? And why, despite the “staggering” costs of large-cap index funds, did the iShares S&P/TSX 60 (XIU) return 8.38% annually over the last 10 years, compared with an average of 5.88% for its actively managed peers?”

Dividend Monk released a very comprehensive Dividend Toolkit.  To say the least, this is an impressive guide I’ve just started to read and I hope to provide a review of this book that includes some strategies for efficient stock analysis and a spreadsheet the author uses, in another few weeks.

Boomer & Echo shared how to use a stock screener to find the best stocks.

Miss T. had a post about passing sustainable living traits to your children.

Canadian Capitalist wrote a great post about how to manage Canadian stocks paying $USD dividends.

Tom Bradley said younger retirees need some risks in their portfolio.  Totally agree with Tom.  Tom wrote: “Despite the headlines, stock investing still has the highest probability of achieving returns in excess of inflation, although the journey is sure to be bumpy.  While every situation is different, people in early retirement still need at least 50-per-cent equities in their portfolio.”

101 Centavos had a run and gunning post about alternative investments.

Dividend Ninja included an article by yours truly in his roundup this week, offered a great overview of the aforementioned Dividend Toolkit ebook and celebrated his bank dividends.  Well done Ninja, enjoy the dividends and thanks for the mention.

Michael James on Money revisited PRPP costs.

Big Cajun Man discussed using calendars to manage his finances.

MDJ reported his net worth surpassed $650K this period – outstanding stuff.

Susan Brunner reviewed Rogers Sugar Inc.

Sustainable Personal Finance wrote about telecommuting, how it can save you money and help the environment.   Always a great combination 🙂

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