Computer rebuilt, Aeroplan credit, many thanks and weekend reading

Well, it’s been an interesting week…

  • My computer crashed, it got sent out to HP to be rebuilt, the computer came back yesterday and hurrah, it’s working!  Thanks HP.
  • I got my Aeroplan mileage credits. Thanks Aeroplan.
  • I got my Equifax credit report in the mail.  Like Michael James mentioned on his blog I too was surprised about the volume of information (rather lack thereof) in the report. Regardless, the news is mostly good, there appears to be no credit fraud. I also have a credit rating of C1, M1 or R1 depending on the type of credit I’ve been approved for. That means all reportings were “paid as agreed”.  That’s nice. The bad news, there were a few errors but I’m willing to live with those. For example, they have my prior residence listed as my former job. Incorrect gents.  All in all, thanks Equifax.
  • It looks like we’ll be getting back a small tax refund this year, but I haven’t crunched all the numbers to confirm. I was lacking my machine for this. I hope to complete our tax return over the next week or so.  Maybe I’ll do that over some Baileys in my coffee on Saturday morning? Thanks in advance Baileys.

Amongst my thanks this week, I managed to read some great articles from around the blogosphere. There’s dividend news, reminders about lazy-investing, travel logs from India, high-yielding TFSA selections and a host of other interesting reads.

Here are some of my favourites.

101 Centavos started his travel journal from India!

Andrew Hallam reminds us that you can’t be too lazy with lazy-investing.

Beating The Index provided some market analysis regarding Chesapeake Energy.

Boomer & Echo provided some great house selling tips.

Larry MacDonald asked what wins on the web?

Canadian Capitalist told us about the spike in home insurance premiums.  Damn.

Canadian Couch Potato gave an overview of DRIPs for ETFs.  I love DRIPping stocks and ETFs.

Canadian Personal Finance Blog said found money is the best!

Dividend Monk wrote about considering a yield target.

Financial Uproar shared his list of hot personal finance bloggers, and this is part 2!

Money Smarts Blog shared his expertise with a reader about RESP contributions.

Invest It Wisely shares four excellent misconceptions about investment risk.

Susan Brunner provided us with her take on Canadian Helicopters.

Michael James asked why men make more money than women?

Million Dollar Journey questionned if you should paint your own room, ala DIY or hire a professional instead?

Sustainable Personal Finance gave some great tips for buying a home.

The Dividend Ninja wrote about dividend payout ratios.

The Loonie Bin reminded us about Scotiabank’s dividend hike.  That was great!

Passive Income Earner told us telecoms are really utilities as well.  I agree with him.

Young and Thrifty told us about her TFSA holdings for 2011.

Whatever you put in your coffee this weekend, enjoy it :)

Have a healthy and happy weekend everyone!
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