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How to start investing in dividend paying stocks

Over the last few months I’ve received a number of emails from readers on this question:  how do I start investing in dividend paying stocks? Today’s post will begin to provide some answers on that subject and hopefully give you some things to think about as well. Stocks 101 Wouldn’t you love to own a company (or companies) without ever having to spend a day at the office?  It can happen and does happen for many investors.  Owning stocks can be a great wealth building tool.  Stocks can also destroy your portfolio if you are not ...
Stock Market Volatility

How to survive today’s volatile markets

Is this the end of a multi-year bull market? Is this the beginning of another bear market? Is this a market correction or a market crash? Let’s face it folks, for the last 5-years the stock market have been pretty darn good.  If you don’t feel this way you’ve obviously been invested in the wrong stuff over that timeframe.   Stock prices since “The Great Recession” have surged as have home prices.  It’s been a great time to be an equity or real estate investor. Maybe the only downside during this period has been prolonged, low interest ...

Looking at high yield stocks in a different way

The following is a guest post from Rob, a fan of My Own Advisor living in Munich, Germany. Conventional wisdom says that high yields are a warning sign and for the most part I think the folks that share that wisdom are correct. But this year after selling off a large portion of my holdings, sitting out and waiting for the market “correction” that never happened, I decided to get back into the market.  There was a problem with my plan though:  everything I wanted to buy had gotten quite expensive.  The stocks I wanted to buy were not overpriced ...

Canadian Dividend Stocks to Buy and Mostly Forget

There are quite a few dividend payers in Canada, but the ones that provide steady dividend increases and those companies that have been paying dividends for generations is a rather short list.  In that spirit, here are some Canadian stocks most dividend investors could potentially buy and forget* given they’ve paid steady dividends and tend to increase them routinely: Bank of Montreal (BMO) – paid dividends since 1829. Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) – paid dividends since 1832. TD (TD) – paid dividends since 1857. CIBC (CM) – paid dividends ...

Then and Now – TransAlta

This post is a continuation of my series Then and Now where I revisit some older blogposts and either rip them to shreds (because my thinking has changed) or I’ll confirm my position on some personal finance topics or specific investments.   My previous post was about Enbridge where this stock has gained over 100%.  Today’s post will be about TransAlta. Then I started writing about TransAlta on this site back in 2010.  I actually purchased some TransAlta stock earlier that year. TransAlta stock was just over $20 when I purchased it. I ...

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