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Smart Saving and Investing Advice: My Story

Who am I? Just a guy that met my lady in university with a dream to live happily ever after… Here’s my story about smart saving and investing that allowed me to step away from the working world, earlier than most. Just Like You – Starting Out For me (and maybe just like you) schooling was not my passion. I worked hard in university but not enough to secure scholarships to fund my way. I had to fund my own post-secondary education (and so did my wife for the most part). To make ends meet I held down a few jobs while struggling with my engineering ...

Short-Term Savings Options That Work For Us

I spend a bunch of time thinking and reading about personal finance and investing.  One of the things that recently crossed my mind are options available to savers regarding short-term savings. Depending upon your financial goals, there are a number of products that can help you with your short-term savings.  Other products on the other hand don’t warrant any attention, at least from us.  For today’s post here are the options we gravitate to; why we prefer these short-term savings options and the reasons we avoid others. Option # 1 – ...

8 things I’ve discovered about money

In recent discussions with some folks and to play off Preet Banerjee’s blog name (where does all our money go) I was reflecting on some things I’ve discovered about spending and money – here they are. Owning a house is expensive Heat, hydro, maintenance and property taxes are just a few housing costs.  The bigger the house, the more money it costs to own it.  Let’s not forget the mortgage either.  I figure the sooner my wife and I are debt-free the better. Paying yourself first is crucial to retirement planning Our retirement plan ...

Why I cut Rogers and went to Fongo Home Phone

For years we felt we needed to keep a home phone.  We still feel that way, but there comes a breaking point whereby we couldn’t stomach forking out $30+ per month for our Rogers Home Phone any longer.  That breaking point was this past winter and so a few months ago, we cut Rogers Home Phone and decided to try Fongo Home Phone instead.  I’m glad we did. What is Fongo? Fongo uses Voice-Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to place and receive calls and send and receive messages using your existing data plan (3G/4G) or nearby WiFi connection and ...

A Better Way to Budget

Inspired by a blogpost on Stephen Weyman’s site entitled How to Budget Without Tracking Every Dollar I figured I should write an article about how we budget, or do not follow a detailed budget at all.  Yes, this personal finance blogger doesn’t really care about detailed budgets.  Instead, I/we focus on forecasting and managing expenses.  Don’t get me wrong, detailed budgets are great: They help marry all incomes against all expenses. They help prevent overspending. They help develop sound, if not very disciplined financial habits. They ...

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