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8 things I’ve discovered about money

In recent discussions with some folks and to play off Preet Banerjee’s blog name (where does all our money go) I was reflecting on some things I’ve discovered about spending and money – here they are. Owning a house is expensive Heat, hydro, maintenance and property taxes are just a few housing costs.  The bigger the house, the more money it costs to own it.  Let’s not forget the mortgage either.  I figure the sooner my wife and I are debt-free the better. Paying yourself first is crucial to retirement planning Our retirement plan ...

Why I cut Rogers and went to Fongo Home Phone

For years we felt we needed to keep a home phone.  We still feel that way, but there comes a breaking point whereby we couldn’t stomach forking out $30+ per month for our Rogers Home Phone any longer.  That breaking point was this past winter and so a few months ago, we cut Rogers Home Phone and decided to try Fongo Home Phone instead.  I’m glad we did. What is Fongo? Fongo uses Voice-Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to place and receive calls and send and receive messages using your existing data plan (3G/4G) or nearby WiFi connection and ...

A Better Way to Budget

Inspired by a blogpost on Stephen Weyman’s site entitled How to Budget Without Tracking Every Dollar I figured I should write an article about how we budget, or do not follow a detailed budget at all.  Yes, this personal finance blogger doesn’t really care about detailed budgets.  Instead, I/we focus on forecasting and managing expenses.  Don’t get me wrong, detailed budgets are great: They help marry all incomes against all expenses. They help prevent overspending. They help develop sound, if not very disciplined financial habits. They ...

Why dividend investing works for me.  Period.

Fans of this site know I take a two-pronged approach to investing. For one I use Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) for a portion of my portfolio.  I use ETFs and likely always will for these reasons: I can achieve market performance less miniscule money management fees, I can obtain great diversification amongst companies, industries and world markets, for those low-fees, I obtain get transparency, I know exactly what I am investing in and how the product (ETF) works, and The ETFs I own are easy to use; they are bought and sold on an exchange and trade ...

25 ways to be a cheapass

I suppose I could have named this list-post 25 ways to save more money but cheapass sounds much better.  Add your favourite ways to be a cheapass in a comment below or Tweet me. Turn off lights when you leave a room. Walk or bike as much as you can. Do your own housekeeping. Don’t pay bank fees. Use vinegar and water for a household cleaner. Price match for groceries when you can. Quit or never smoke. Don’t drink (very much). Always do your laundry in off-peak hours. Buy in bulk when you find a good deal. Use glass containers to preserve food ...

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