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The new savings rate is more than 10% folks

I was inspired by this blogpost recently that argued we’ve been thinking about our savings rates all wrong. Cait argued: “What if, instead of telling us how much to save, we grew up hearing how much we should live off of instead? What if your parents had made you save half of every paycheque you earned as a teenager? What if your teacher (of the personal finance class that only exists in my dreams) had told you the goal of budgeting was to live off half of what you earned as an adult?” What if indeed… Here’s what I know about our financial ...

Smart Saving and Investing Advice: My Story

Who am I? Just a guy that met my lady in university with a dream to live happily ever after… Here’s my story about smart saving and investing that allowed me to step away from the working world, earlier than most. Just Like You – Starting Out For me (and maybe just like you) schooling was not my passion. I worked hard in university but not enough to secure scholarships to fund my way. I had to fund my own post-secondary education (and so did my wife for the most part). To make ends meet I held down a few jobs while struggling with my engineering ...

Short-Term Savings Options That Work For Us

I spend a bunch of time thinking and reading about personal finance and investing.  One of the things that recently crossed my mind are options available to savers regarding short-term savings. Depending upon your financial goals, there are a number of products that can help you with your short-term savings.  Other products on the other hand don’t warrant any attention, at least from us.  For today’s post here are the options we gravitate to; why we prefer these short-term savings options and the reasons we avoid others. Option # 1 – ...

8 things I’ve discovered about money

In recent discussions with some folks and to play off Preet Banerjee’s blog name (where does all our money go) I was reflecting on some things I’ve discovered about spending and money – here they are. Owning a house is expensive Heat, hydro, maintenance and property taxes are just a few housing costs.  The bigger the house, the more money it costs to own it.  Let’s not forget the mortgage either.  I figure the sooner my wife and I are debt-free the better. Paying yourself first is crucial to retirement planning Our retirement plan ...

Why I cut Rogers and went to Fongo Home Phone

For years we felt we needed to keep a home phone.  We still feel that way, but there comes a breaking point whereby we couldn’t stomach forking out $30+ per month for our Rogers Home Phone any longer.  That breaking point was this past winter and so a few months ago, we cut Rogers Home Phone and decided to try Fongo Home Phone instead.  I’m glad we did. What is Fongo? Fongo uses Voice-Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to place and receive calls and send and receive messages using your existing data plan (3G/4G) or nearby WiFi connection and ...

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