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Weekend Reading – The power of the TFSA and much more

  This week, we read about little things and powerful things. Starting with little things, we watched NDP rookie MP Sana Hassainia pressed into leaving her seat just ahead of a House vote, because she was accompanied by her three-month-old boy, Skander-Jack. Sana brought the baby into the chamber because she could not find her husband, before the vote on the long-gun registry. I guess this takes the “take your child to work” practice to a whole new level! Regarding powerful things, I’d like to thank Bryan Borzykowski again ...

Weekend Reading – ING personal finance discussions, best financial sites for Canadians and more

After reading the respective websites of Preet Banerjee and Dan Bortolotti earlier this week, I decided it would be a good idea to listen to these panelists among other experts for a personal finance discussion hosted by ING Direct Canada yesterday. I wasn’t disappointed. Preet, Dan, Ellen Roseman (columnist, and Rubina Ahmed-Haq (financial journalist) offered tons of great personal finance advice to attendees at the ING DIRECT café at 221 Yonge Street in downtown Toronto and folks like myself who watched the event via live streaming ...

Weekend Reading – Market Volatility Edition

The love/hate relationship between investors and stock markets continue… Toying with investors’ emotions again this week, the Dow Jones and our S&P/TSX index closed about 3.5% lower today.   A pretty good hit to the solar plexus as tough SNL guys Hans and Franz would say.   Turbulent times continue – I believe long-term market volatility is our new normal – let’s get used to it.   Looking at the big picture, much more long-term than any given market day, equities crashing are times to buy.   No, I’m ...

Weekend Reading – My Own Advisor on the Radio Edition

Love.  Hate.  On-again.  Off-again.  Up.  Down.  The markets have certainly had some fun with investors’ emotions this past week.  The Dow Jones was over the place, but it had a good day today, closing up 4%.  We’ve had just as much fun at home as well.  After a rocky start to the week our S&P/TSX index closed 3% higher today.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings  No doubt these are turbulent times, I’m not trying to trivialize things, but like many of the articles told me to do this week the best ...

Me and My Money – Globe and Mail July 23, 2010

A big thank you to Larry MacDonald for running the Me & My Money (M&MM) article this weekend in my favourite newspaper, the Globe & Mail. Although I’m taking a small beating from some of the commenters to the article, I strongly believe in my investing philosophy. If you didn’t get a chance to read the article, you can check it out here. Enjoy your Sunday everyone! 0

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