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Reader Questions – Monthly Dividend Income Updates

For the last few years on my site I’ve posted monthly dividend income updates like these. From these articles I receive a number of emails and questions from readers regarding my DIY approach to saving and investing. Today’s post will tackle a few of those so let’s get into it. I’ve been reading these updates and it seems the income is going up every month.  Is this all because of reinvested dividends and distributions or you are making new investments as well? Great question. Yes and yes. The income is on the rise largely ...
Reader Question

Reader Question – Just Starting Out – Help Needed

In the My Own Advisor inbox recently I got some emails from readers about just starting their investing journey. Thanks for your emails folks, keep them coming. Today’s post will offer some perspectives on a few of those questions sent my way and I’ll provide some answers based on my experiences with saving and investing. On just starting out…when should I invest, in what, where to start investing? Reader: I did a bunch of research and it seemed the best choice for having a starting amount of approximately $15k was to start with ...
Financial Attitude

My personal finance a-ha moments

I spend a lot of time using My Own Advisor to share what’s working with our financial plan and how incremental money management changes are moving us towards financial independence.  I’ve also shared some money management mistakes on this site.  I do this because I believe most people learn more from their failures than their successes…at least I do.  Writing about success and failure can be helpful because money affects our lives in so many different ways:  how we save, how we invest, what we shop for, where we spend our money, what products ...

Stop worrying, make your portfolio safer, and choose better investments

Richard is a fan of My Own Advisor and a passionate index-investor. The media makes it sound so easy: “Don’t sell when the market is down.” “Stick to your plan.” Right. But when we keep hearing these messages how is it that investors keep making those mistakes? Stop Worrying When I started out I was confused and nervous because of all the financial advice that came my way seemed hard to follow.   These days I rarely get worried and when bad news comes out I just smile and remember that everything is ok. Why? The biggest ...
Stock Market Volatility

How to survive today’s volatile markets

Is this the end of a multi-year bull market? Is this the beginning of another bear market? Is this a market correction or a market crash? Let’s face it folks, for the last 5-years the stock market have been pretty darn good.  If you don’t feel this way you’ve obviously been invested in the wrong stuff over that timeframe.   Stock prices since “The Great Recession” have surged as have home prices.  It’s been a great time to be an equity or real estate investor. Maybe the only downside during this period has been prolonged, low interest ...

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