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Stock Market Volatility

Crazy things people say about money

I’m not one to judge but every so often I’ll hear a comment about money that just makes me shake my head. I’m not even talking about people being misinformed; some of these statements I’ve heard are straight out crazy. “I want a risk free investment that returns 7%+” I get it, interest rates are low and you want a higher return on your savings, but I’m sorry no such investment exists. If you want a better return then you’ll have to take some risks, that’s just how investing works. If you ever come across a person promising ...

Why buy individual stocks at all?

This was the question investing expert Larry Swedroe recently challenged investors in this article here.  I agree with most of what Larry says, hard to argue with the evidence and his expertise, but there is one thing I’m still not convinced on. Let’s review what Larry said and I’ll share my thoughts. Individual stock ownership provides both the hope of great returns (for example, if you were to early on discover the next Google) as well as the potential for disastrous results (you could end up with a significant holding in the next Lehman ...

Questions Investors Simply Don’t Ask Themselves

I was inspired by this article from Michael James on Money recently that answered a bunch of questions investors simply don’t ask themselves, listed on Ben Carlson’s site A Wealth of Common Sense.  Given Michael is a successful index investor and my investing approach is different from his I thought I’d take a stab at answering Ben’s questions and see what’s different and by how much.  Ben’s questions are in bold font, my answers follow.  Please hang with this post, it’s longer than most. What if I’m wrong? I’m quite confident ...

In Defense of Active Investing

This post is from Ryan Modesto, Managing Partner at 5i Research, a fan of My Own Advisor. Momentum behind passive investing continues to gain steam and with it, a large and vocal group of supporters has been building.  The passive versus active investing debate has been going on for some time and holds a similar degree of rivalry as the Toronto Maple Leafs versus the Montreal Canadiens or Peyton Manning versus Tom Brady. But as of late, it seems like passive investors have been gaining an edge, edging out the voice of active investors, chasing ...

Reader Questions – Monthly Dividend Income Updates

For the last few years on my site I’ve posted monthly dividend income updates like these. From these articles I receive a number of emails and questions from readers regarding my DIY approach to saving and investing. Today’s post will tackle a few of those so let’s get into it. I’ve been reading these updates and it seems the income is going up every month.  Is this all because of reinvested dividends and distributions or you are making new investments as well? Great question. Yes and yes. The income is on the rise largely ...

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