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My Life in a Box

During one of our walks around the neighbourhood the other night, my wife and I had a conversation that went something like this: Me: It would be nice to break-free from work eventually wouldn’t it? Her: Yes, and that’s what we’re working towards <pause>, right? Me: Yes, breaking out of the box.  I mean, we live in a box (house), we drive in a box (car), and we work in a box (office cubicle).  Everything is a damn box. Her: When you put it that way, I suppose we do.  So, when are we getting out of the box again? Me: Good question. I ...

Investing truths to take to the bank

A short time ago, I shared some things a new investor might want to know or be mindful of as they start their financial freedom journey.  On that note, I believe some investing advice never goes go out of style, there are some investing truths to behold. Here are my investing truths you can take to the bank: All investing is subject to risk – even the safest investments have some risk. Past performance is not a predictor of any future result. In a diversified portfolio gains from some investments will help offset losses from others. No matter ...

Retirement Right This Way

One of my favourite financial books is The Investor’s Manifesto by William Bernstein, talked about the attributes of a successful investor: They must possess an interest in the process, They need more than a bit of math horsepower, far beyond simple arithmetic , They need a firm grasp of financial history, and They need “the emotional discipline to execute their planned strategy faithfully, come hell, high water, or the apparent end of capitalism as we know it.” I love this last point.  Other books have mentioned something similar. For ...

Financial advice for my younger self

Inspired by a few reader questions a few weeks ago and reflecting upon some older blogposts, I wondered what financial advice would I tell my younger self?  Here are some things that have crossed my mind… Dear Mark, There is no point saving for your financial future if you don’t take care of your health.  Your health will be your most important asset. Investing is for the long-term.  Trading is for the short-term.  You’re going to have minimal success at timing the market so forget trading.  Make sure you buy and hold indexed products ...

How to kill your retirement plan in 3 easy steps

Over the years I’ve read a number of personal finance and investing books to mature my financial acumen. For today’s post I’ll collate what I think are three great ways to kill your retirement plan. Retirement plan killer # 1 – always living with credit card debt Unless you have a healthy and rising stream of cash flow (good on you by the way), I’m convinced consumer debt is a great way to kill your retirement plan.  Consumer debt, such as credit card debt is a HUGE retirement plan killer; who on earth pays 18% interest for months on ...

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