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Top Equity ETFs for Indexing Fans

Over the years, my thoughts and strategy regarding investing has matured.  At least I’d like to think so.  It started to change after reading Millionaire Teacher by Andrew Hallam and has been evolving ever since, thanks to other books about index investing using Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). If you don’t already know, the statistical evidence is overwhelming; indexing your portfolio will beat the pants off most active money management funds over time. In recent years, I’ve been using more indexed funds myself although I still feel holding ...

Top International Equity ETFs for your portfolio

Over the last month or so, I’ve shared some of my favourite Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) to consider for your portfolio. This post included my top Canadian Dividend ETFs and this post over here captured my top Canadian Equity ETFs. Today’s post will dive into the world of International Equity ETFs, and you’ll see things are a bit more complicated.  I’ll do my best to highlight some considerations for you.  What are the key benefits of investing in ETFs again? You have the potential to own many stocks for a rock-bottom fee. You get distributions ...

Top Canadian Equity ETFs for your portfolio

Some things change but many things stay the same.  I recall we’re getting close to 400 Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange now but you probably only need one, just one, broad market Canadian Equity ETF for your portfolio.  This is especially true if you’re a long-term investor seeking to keep things simple.  Reading My Own Advisor you might already know an ETF is like a low-cost version of a mutual fund you can buy and sell like a stock.   If you missed my post about ETFs 101 check it out. While I believe ...

Top Canadian Dividend ETFs for your portfolio

Last year, I shared my favourite Canadian Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) on this site along with some top U.S. and international considerations for your portfolio.   The ETF landscape has changed a bit over the last year so today’s post will update some of that content, starting with my top Canadian dividend ETFs for your portfolio, sharing some reasons why I like these products and what to be mindful of. Are you a tad nervous about owning dividend paying stocks directly?  For sure it’s not for everyone and there are risks involved.  Don’t ...

Alternatives to some pricy monthly income funds

After this blogpost on my site, you can retire comfortably with less than $1 million in the bank, a few readers seemed a bit shocked by the money management fees charged by monthly income funds referenced in Gary’s article: “Interesting “wake-up” point about fees. In the example of investing the principal of $500K in a monthly income fund, and paying $7.500 per year in fees, that’s $625 per month!!!! It would nice if that sum went into my pocket, rather than my advisor’s/the bank’s pocket. But, what is the alternative?” Another investor ...

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