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Alternatives to some pricy monthly income funds

After this blogpost on my site, you can retire comfortably with less than $1 million in the bank, a few readers seemed a bit shocked by the money management fees charged by monthly income funds referenced in Gary’s article: “Interesting “wake-up” point about fees. In the example of investing the principal of $500K in a monthly income fund, and paying $7.500 per year in fees, that’s $625 per month!!!! It would nice if that sum went into my pocket, rather than my advisor’s/the bank’s pocket. But, what is the alternative?” Another investor ...
ETFs 101

ETFs 101

During the past “RRSP Season” I received a few emails from readers asking about Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).   This particular question caught my attention: Hi, I’ve recently learned I can use my TFSA for much more than a savings account.  “Where do I begin to use these ETFs?” Thanks for this email.   Today’s post will provide this reader with a few considerations to help them “begin to use these ETFs”. Accounts vs. Products As you may know from my other blogposts I’m a fan of figuring out what you’re saving for first and ...
Foreign Investments

Don’t be a homer, invest in foreign lands

“By definition, index funds provide the most diversification in each asset class and eliminate all uncompensated risk.  In contrast, active fund managers rely on less diversification to beat the index.  The managers either limit their holdings to a few favorable securities or they avoid unfavorable sectors.” – Rick Ferri, The Power of Passive Investing. The concept of diversification is certainly nothing new when it comes to investing, actually, I wrote about it recently here discussing some of my favourite international equity Exchange ...

Top International Equity ETFs for your portfolio

Let every man divide his money into three parts, and invest a third in land, a third in business, and a third let him keep in reserve.” – Talmud, circa 1200 B.C.-500 A.D. Last month, I provided you some of my favourite Canadian equity and bond ETFs to consider for your portfolio.  While Canadian holdings in your portfolio are important if you’re a Canadian and you plan on retiring in Canada; using Canadian money for retirement income, they aren’t the only investments you should own.  This is because global equity investments can balance ...

Top Canadian Bond ETFs for your portfolio

Earlier this month, I provided you some of my favourite, low cost Canadian equity Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) to consider for your portfolio.  Now, I want to talk about what a bond can do for you, sharing some of my favourite low cost Canadian bond ETFs for your portfolio.  First up, why bonds matter. Despite Crappy Yields… To borrow some words from Rick Ferri, passive indexing guru, bonds help protect a portfolio from its owner – they keep you from investing in too many equities.  Yes, bond yields have been crappy for a few years now ...

Top Canadian Equity ETFs for your portfolio

Back in April, I shared with you a list of my favourite Canadian dividend ETFs.  Today’s post will highlight some of my favourite Canadian equity ETFs for your portfolio.  Without further delay, here they are: XIU The iShares S&P/TSX 60 Index Fund (XIU) seeks to provide long-term capital growth by replicating, where possible, the performance of the S&P®/TSX® 60 Index less minor fees.  This Index is comprised of 60 of the largest (by market capitalization) and most liquid securities listed on the TSX.  You’re not going to receive ...

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