Weekend Reading – Ottawa Heat Wave Edition

Enjoying the heat wave across Ontario folks?  I must confess, I like it hot, but not stifling.   The mercury hit at least 35 degrees Celsisus this past Thursday in Ottawa, without factoring in the humidity.  Add in the latter and we experienced 46 degrees.   Don’t believe me?  Here’s the evidence courtesy of The Weather Network.










Just when I thought Ottawa was too hot, I emailed some friends in Toronto on Thursday and their thermometers hit 51 degrees Celsuis.  Ouch.

Today, it’s only 30 degrees (or 86 degrees Fahrenheit for my American readers) which actually feels quite nice 🙂

While staying cool, drinking lots of water and avoiding strenous exercise, I made some time to read some quality blogposts this week.  We’ve got articles about staying safe while travelling, questionning the purchase of dividend ETFs, an overview of 6 strong dividend-paying companies and wondering if you should fear U.S. treasury bonds.  Check them out friends and see you soon!

101 Centavos wrote about some personal safety tips while travelling.  Excellent pointers!

Canadian Personal Finance Blog gave us his take on the Bank of Canada’s decision to keep rates steady.

Michael James discussed irrational risk avoidance.

Dividend Blog Guy provided a solid stock analysis of Pepsi Co.

Mich from Beating The Index told us that electric cars are not going to be an oil-killer anytime soon.

Andrew Hallam, The Millionaire Teacher, asked folks if they should fear U.S. treasury bonds. My answer – no.

Balance Junkie wrote a great post entitled “Yes, You Can Live Without Bonds”.

Boomer & Echo asked if you should buy a dividend ETF?

Canadian Capitalist told us about RBC’s entry into the Corporate Bond ETF space.

Dividend Mantra asked readers “Do You DRIP?”

Kevin Press @ Today’s Economy Blog gave us ten stunning reasons to worry about Europe.

Matt @ Dividend Monk told us about 6 companies that have great double-digit growth.

Mike @ Money Smarts Blog discussed the fun (and challenges) that go with camping with young kids.

Jim Yih told us some questions you should ask your financial advisor.

Before Kevin @ Invest It Wisely announced he was going to be away from the keyboard for a bit, he asked us about living on the high seas.

Dividend Ninja informed us about an excellent metric for investors, the dividend payout ratio.

Passive Income Earner told us about his dividend income for July 2011, very impressive!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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  1. Thanks for the mention!

    Being down here in SW Florida, I’m fairly familiar with heat. I personally hate snow and ice cold temperatures, but I do agree with you that it can be stifling at times. It sounds like it’s cooling down already.

    Take care and have a good weekend.


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