Best Discount Beers in Canada Eh

Just in time for Canada Day and Independence Day celebrations!   While this is first and foremost a personal finance and investing site, you might already know by now I enjoy beer.  Why not a post about discount beers?  I know, what the hell took me so long?  Without further ado here are the best made beers in Canada that won’t break your wallet.


Brava is a lager that is light and crisp.  Think refreshing when paired with munchies while watching sitting on a patio in the summer.  5% alcohol content.  Made by Lakeport Brewing Company.  Cost for 24 bottles?  About $30.


This is a smooth lager made by Molson.  5% alcohol content.  Cost for 24 bottles?  About $30.

3.Upper Canada Lager

Probably the most popular choice of all Upper Canada beverages on the market.  This is a German-style lager that is nicely balanced with a hoppy taste and malty finish.  5% alcohol content.  Made by Sleeman Brewing Company.  Cost for 24 bottles?  Again, about $30.


Another product by Sleeman Brewing Company.  This ale is golden, clean and smooth.  For about $30 for 24 bottles, probably the best discount ale you can buy in Canada.  5% alcohol content.

1.Trailhead Lager

An awesome summer beer from the great folks at Wellington County.  A lager that is slightly sweet and a hoppy.  4.5% alcohol content.  It’s got flavour and balance at an affordable price of $33 for 24 bottles.  I don’t care what you cook on the BBQ on Canada Day or July 4th (if you can find this beer my American friends), Trailhead will go with it.

This post is done because I’m thirsty now.

What are your favourite discount beers?  Or, do you only drink the pricy stuff?

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4 Responses to "Best Discount Beers in Canada Eh"

  1. Ultimate in frugality? Brew your own beer.

    I just made a Honey Blonde Ale which tuned out fabulous. I buy a premium kit for about $45 and I get between 45 and 48 pints of beer for that. Bottles and caps are all re-usable and I use the same equipment as for making wine. Over time, my equipments costs comes down to pennies per bottle. You can certainly make it cheaper than this if you want.

    So for (say) $1/pint (475 ml), I get excellent beer and the satisfaction of knowing exactly what is in it and the pride of drinking my own brew. I can customize it to taste and even make uber-alcohol beer if I want too. Home brew typically comes in at about 4% ABV.

    About 6 weeks from start to finish and less than 6 hours work over that time.

    1. Bill, do you live in Ottawa? 🙂

      Honey Blonde sounds good. As I respond to you now, drinking an Upper Canada Lager.

      That’s about a buck a beer for your home brew but I can see how this becomes much less. You raise a good point the time for effort; 6 weeks to wait, 6 hours of work, then you get to enjoy. If you enjoy it, making the home brew that is, then every minute is worth it 🙂

      Thanks for sharing.


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