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MER TER Money Management Fees FWIW

A few months ago I got an email from a reader stating something to this effect: Hello again, here is something you probably already know, the management fees recorded on most Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) sites is NOT the same as the MER, in some cases, not by some lot. I own shares with most of the providers, but do feel the industry should be OBLIGED to report the total MER and not just the management fee.  To cite some examples, XEI by Blackrock has the 0.20% management fee posted on their website whereas Morningstar reports the XEI management ...
Financial Mistakes

DIY Investor Mistakes

As a follow-up to a recent article in The Globe and Mail, I wondered about posting another article that shares where I’ve fallen down – exposing some of my DIY investor mistakes.  Here are a few common mistakes from that article and my assessment of them. Lack of a sounding board I’m actually using this blog, friends and family for sounding boards.  I talk to others about their investing experiences (good and bad) and try to learn from everyone I meet.  I think my approach is generally sound but I’m probably biased as are all ...
Weekend Reading

Weekend Reading – Active management, rants, dumping bonds and more

Welcome to my Weekend Reading edition, I hope you enjoy some of these great articles over the next few days.  All the best and see you here next week! Jonathan Chevreau wondered why CPP is betting on active management.  He cited Andrew Coyne’s comments here:  “Active management is a crock. To consistently beat the market within a given asset class, a fund manager must be consistently smart and well-informed, he must be consistently smarter and better-informed than all the other smart and well-informed managers out there, all of whom are trying ...
Dividend Income

August 2014 Dividend Income Update

Welcome to my latest dividend income update for 2014.  For those of you new to these posts on my site, every month I discuss my approach to investing using dividend paying stocks and how reinvesting the dividends paid from the Canadian companies I own are helping me reach financial freedom.   You can check out my previous dividend income update here. My plan is rather simple, almost downright boring, executed this way over the last 6+ years:  I invest in many established Canadian companies with no intention of selling them and I reinvest ...

2014 Financial Predictions – September Update

Earlier this year, just for fun I shared some financial predictions for 2014.  Here’s a recap of what I predicted and where things are at year-to-date: The Dow Jones Industrial Average will finish the year at 16,700. It opened the year around 16,441. It is now 17,137. The S&P/TSX Composite will finish the year at 14,200. It opened the year around 13,594.  It is now 15,560. Our Canadian Dollar will finish the year at $0.90 compared to the US Dollar. It opened the year around $0.94.  It is now $0.92. Fortis (FTS) will increase their ...

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