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The Mental Side of Debt

Tom Bradley recently responded to some questions from young homeowners about debt and it got me thinking about the mortgage paydown versus investing debate, again.  For us there will be an enormous amount of emotional well-being when we’re debt-free.  While we invest every month by contributing to our Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs) and maxing out our Tax Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs) throughout the year, we also work on killing our mortgage debt rather aggressively.  Here are some reasons why: Killing our mortgage is one of the ...
Weekend Reading

Weekend Reading – Man in van, Questrade ETFs, videos, pullbacks and more

Welcome to your Weekend Reading folks, some of the best from the personal finance and investing blogosphere anywhere.  Yeah, I’m biased!  Earlier this week I shared these articles with you: Why buy individual stocks at all? Reader Questions – How do you rebalance your portfolio? Check out these great reads over some coffee, tea or adult beverages if you chose during some downtime this weekend – you’ll enjoy them.  Thanks for the support folks and keep your blogpost comments, Tweets and Facebook Likes coming. Read about ...
Reader Question

Reader Questions – How do you rebalance your portfolio?

I receive a number of emails every month about my approach to saving and investing.  I’ll be the first person to acknowledge my investment strategies are not perfect but I feel, over time, the plan is good and the plan is working for us.  Here are some recent questions I received and my answers to them. I recently read you want to have more “core” for your “explore”.  What does this mean? You are probably referring to this post where I discussed my favourite equity Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).  For us more “core” ...

Why buy individual stocks at all?

This was the question investing expert Larry Swedroe recently challenged investors in this article here.  I agree with most of what Larry says, hard to argue with the evidence and his expertise, but there is one thing I’m still not convinced on. Let’s review what Larry said and I’ll share my thoughts. Individual stock ownership provides both the hope of great returns (for example, if you were to early on discover the next Google) as well as the potential for disastrous results (you could end up with a significant holding in the next Lehman ...
Weekend Reading

Weekend Reading – Brokers, One-Minute Portfolios, Real Estate Storms, and More

Welcome to some Weekend Reading folks, and thanks for the great feedback on the site recently from readers, it is very much appreciated.  I’ve recently topped 3,000 Followers on Twitter and we’re getting close to averaging 55,000 pageviews per month on this site, so again, thanks for the support and sharing this site with others. Earlier this week I answered some questions investors simply don’t ask themselves and I nailed a few predictions year-to-date in this financial predictions update. Enjoy these great articles from the ...

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