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Then and Now – H&R REIT

This post is a continuation of my series Then and Now where I revisit some older blogposts and either rip them to shreds (because my thinking has changed) or I’ll confirm my position on some personal finance topics or specific investments.   My previous posts in this series were about Enbridge (a star in my portfolio) and this dud which is no longer in my portfolio. Then I started writing about H&R REIT on this site back in 2010. I think REITs have a good home in registered accounts (like TFSAs, RRSPs) because Real Estate Investment ...

Weekend Reading – Podcasts, buy and hold, lessons learned, financial fitness and more

Leading off this Weekend Reading edition, I want to thank Sheryl Smolkin for the recent interview with yours truly here.   Check out what I said about starting my blog, investing lessons learned and more. Enjoy the rest of these articles and see you here again next week, just in time for a Christmas wish. Larry MacDonald profiled this investor who buys and holds dividend stocks to help take the emotion out of investing.  Same plan here Larry, as you know! Here are some lessons learned from the 2014 investing year. Retire Happy wrote about boosting ...

The new savings rate is more than 10% folks

I was inspired by this blogpost recently that argued we’ve been thinking about our savings rates all wrong. Cait argued: “What if, instead of telling us how much to save, we grew up hearing how much we should live off of instead? What if your parents had made you save half of every paycheque you earned as a teenager? What if your teacher (of the personal finance class that only exists in my dreams) had told you the goal of budgeting was to live off half of what you earned as an adult?” What if indeed… Here’s what I know about our financial ...

2014 Financial Goals December Update

To keep me honest and focused I post my financial goals on My Own Advisor.  One thing I’ve learned over the years is I have a much better chance at realizing my goals if I keep tabs on them, and often. Here’s a recap of what we tried to accomplish starting in early 2014: Continue putting $300 lump sum payments on our mortgage every month ($3,600). Maximize both Tax Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs) ($11,000). Increase Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) contributions by $200 per month ($2,400). I’m very proud to report we nailed every ...
Weekend Reading

Weekend Reading – TFSA audits, Top 50 sites, DRIP myths and more

2014 Weekend Reading material is winding down folks…hard to believe it’s mid-December… In case you missed it this week I boldly shared our financial progress here and I thought of some insurance everyone needs to consider. How’s the holiday shopping coming along folks?  Done?  Almost done?  Not even started yet?  I got a few things to pick up but that’s about it.  The internet has certainly been a game-changer for holiday shopping, in our house it has. Onto the articles! Our Big Fat Wallet wondered about CRA ...

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