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8 things I’ve discovered about money

In recent discussions with some folks and to play off Preet Banerjee’s blog name (where does all our money go) I was reflecting on some things I’ve discovered about spending and money – here they are. Owning a house is expensive Heat, hydro, maintenance and property taxes are just a few housing costs.  The bigger the house, the more money it costs to own it.  Let’s not forget the mortgage either.  I figure the sooner my wife and I are debt-free the better. Paying yourself first is crucial to retirement planning Our retirement plan ...

Pensions 101 – The Basics of Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution Pension Plans

The following article is a guest post by Sean Cooper who blogs about personal finance at Sean Cooper Writer. Are you confused by your workplace pension plan? You’re not alone. Working as a pension analyst at a global consulting firm for five years has made me realize there’s a knowledge gap when it comes to pensions.  I’m going to help close that knowledge gap today – sharing the basics and maybe a bit more about pensions. The Differences between Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution Pension Plans ​​There are two main types of pension ...

The realities of bankruptcy and knowing your options

If you were to lose your job today, do you have enough funds to live off of for a few months before you found a new job?  For many people the answer is no.  This is where I feel emergency funds are very important (at least for us).  I know we’d be stressed… For most individuals any long-term drop in take-home pay makes them vulnerable to financial difficulties that could lead to bankruptcy.  The numbers tell this tale.  A recent study in Canada told us that Prince Edward Island had the biggest rise in bankruptcies of any province ...
Weekend Reading

Weekend Reading – Raiding RRSP, Telus, Pensions, DIY and more

Welcome to my latest Weekend Reading list.  Earlier this week I provided an update on our financial goals for this year and I had high praise for Robert Brown’s book Wealthing Like Rabbits.  Back to the subject of financial goals, I had an interesting comment from a financial advisor that I tweeted this week – paying off my mortgage wasn’t really a great move on my part (apparently): What do you think of the financial advisor’s comment? Enjoy the best from the personal finance blogosphere for your Weekend Reading, and ...
Wealthing Like Rabbits

Wealthing Like Rabbits Book Review and Takeaways

Who knew a personal finance book would include references to rabbits, zombies, the losing record of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Super Mario Brothers?  This is exactly what Wealthing Like Rabbits contains, an original new introductory personal finance book written by Robert Brown.  Comparing the “mind-bogglingly cool” and “mind-numbing” power of compound interest to the multiplying power of rabbits (and zombies), Robert reminds us that saving early, saving often and letting your investments do the work is one of many keys to wealthing your ...

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