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Weekend Reading – Professionals wasting millions, leverage, taxes and more

Welcome to your Weekend Reading list that includes some frightening ways one NBA athlete wasted over millions over his career and some shocking statistics on income spent on housing.  You can read here how NBA player Antoine Walker wasted $110 million dollars and over here, on average, Canadians spend over 40% on mortgage and rent, as well as paying for utilities. This week I reviewed The Empowered Investor and provided a link to download this ebook for FREE and thanks to a fan of this site, I got some great responses to some Wealthsimple questions. Have ...

Great Questions and Answers from Wealthsimple

After readers learned about Wealthsimple from this article more questions followed.  In fact, one reader in particular reached out to Wealthsimple to get more details about how much this service might cost him and how many benefits this service may provide.  Thanks to that reader, Sebastien, here are some questions and answers about Wealthsimple services and how you might benefit from them as well. On the subject of “balancing” assets across investment accounts Our reader was curious if Wealthsimple might treat all accounts an investor has ...
The Empowered Investor

The Empowered Investor Book Review and Giveaway

“To ensure a prosperous and financially secure future, we need to understand the potential roadblocks that can prevent us from succeeding. Knowing the rules of the playing field can save you a lot of headaches down the road – and dramatically improve your odds of future success.” -Keith Matthews, Author, The Empowered Investor. Your Canadian guide to building a better investor experience is here folks, and, it’s free.  Yes, you read that correctly (free) but I’ll get to that later.  First, I want to share with you my takeaways from The ...
Weekend Reading

Weekend Reading – Ottawa shooting, dumb surcharges and more

On Wednesday this past week, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, committed a horrific crime. To use our Prime Minister’s words, it was a “brutal and violent attack”.  The armed attacker shot and left Canadian Forces member, Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, 24, to die at the National War Memorial before being shot dead himself upon his attack within Parliament’s Centre Block.  It was certainly a sad day for Ottawa and my heart goes out to the family of our slain soldier. I can only hope this isolated, tragic incident will over time, make our city ...
Stock Market Volatility

How to survive today’s volatile markets

Is this the end of a multi-year bull market? Is this the beginning of another bear market? Is this a market correction or a market crash? Let’s face it folks, for the last 5-years the stock market have been pretty darn good.  If you don’t feel this way you’ve obviously been invested in the wrong stuff over that timeframe.   Stock prices since “The Great Recession” have surged as have home prices.  It’s been a great time to be an equity or real estate investor. Maybe the only downside during this period has been prolonged, low interest ...

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