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Weekend Reading 7

Weekend Reading – Retiree portfolios, DSCs, debt, BCE, financial acts and more

Welcome to another Weekend Reading edition friends.  I started putting this edition together last night and then abandoned it, just before the big #SensvsHabs game where I watched P.K. Subban take batting practice to Mark Stone’s hands. I jumped off my couch when that happened – there should have been a suspension.  Hopefully Stone can play in Game #2 and the Sens can get some sort of payback for Subban’s antics including a win. Back to the personal finance stuff folks, earlier this week I wrote about adopting Prosci’s ...

After the golden rule of personal finance follow these ones

Let’s be blunt, you can likely sum up personal finance into a few principles: Pay yourself first. Spend less than you make.  You can add in “invest the difference” if you really want to. The golden rule of personal finance is easy to understand but actually hard to implement consistently over many years for many reasons.  Life throws some curves at you, things change and your financial plan needs to change with it. In general though if you can get a handle on investing that difference I mentioned above then you might be questioning how you ...
The Behaviour Gap

ADKAR – A Model for Financial Change Too

I’ve read something to the effect of the following when it comes to change: Change initiatives wouldn’t be so hard if we didn’t have people involved… How true. The ADKAR model is a popular change management framework because the concepts are easy for people to grasp and in doing so provide a good chance the people involved with change can implement it more successfully. My current organization has gravitated to various change management models over the years but I’m a big fan of this model based on its simplicity and broad application. ...
Weekend Reading

Weekend Reading – Dividends, Freakonomics, California, retirement and more

Welcome to some fine Weekend Reading folks.  In case you missed it, I shared some stocks for greedy dividend investors and I provided an update on our financial goals for 2015.  I’m looking forward to the weekend that should include some fine food and drink and celebrations with friends and family.  All the best for your weekend and any plans you have! Dividend Hawk shared his dividend income update as did this blogger, on his way to an impressive $25,000 in dividends per year. Young & Thrifty reviewed Freakonomics. California is on ...

2015 Financial Goals – April Update

Over the last couple of years I’ve posted our financial goals on My Own Advisor.  I do this because: I believe all goals should be clear and transparent, I believe all goals should be realistic, I believe all goals should be measured, and I believe all goals should be documented. In my day job and industry, if it wasn’t documented it didn’t happen.  Following these rules above provide us with some hope we’ll hit our financial goals in 2015. In case you missed my post in January here are our 2015 financial goals. Maximize our TFSA ...

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