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Weekend Reading

Weekend Reading – Financial checklists, dividends, rate cuts and more

Welcome to your Weekend Reading folks! This week I surprised myself and managed to publish more articles than usual, here is what made news: It’s impossible to predict the future but our financial plan has to start somewhere. Here are some income needs and wants in retirement. I wrote “Good Luck” to financial experts and their 2015 market predictions. Although I’m indexing more this year I answered some reader email questions about how to invest in dividend paying stocks and some things to consider to get started. Enjoy ...

How to start investing in dividend paying stocks

Over the last few months I’ve received a number of emails from readers on this question:  how do I start investing in dividend paying stocks? Today’s post will begin to provide some answers on that subject and hopefully give you some things to think about as well. Stocks 101 Wouldn’t you love to own a company (or companies) without ever having to spend a day at the office?  It can happen and does happen for many investors.  Owning stocks can be a great wealth building tool.  Stocks can also destroy your portfolio if you are not ...

Good luck to financial experts and their predictions

Over the last few weeks I’ve read a few articles where financial experts made some predictions for this year. Along with my little game I thought I’d track their forecasting prowess for 2015.  Here are some predictions I found. Edward Jones Canada Stocks – The Jones forecast for 2015 is for mid-single-digit increases based on improved earnings growth in a growing economy. Me – rather vague, not surprisingly, so I’ll take this as 5% Canadian equity returns to be measured by the ETF XIC that tracks the broad Canadian equity market. Bonds ...

Income Sources, Needs and Wants in Retirement

Some time ago on this site I wrote one of the biggest retirement questions and potentially one of the most frequently asked retirement questions is “How much is enough”? The answer to this question is usually, it depends. It largely depends on what you’ll spend in “retirement”. I was thinking about that subject recently including some needs and wants, and forecasting where (I hope) some our retirement income will come from. Here is what crossed my mind in today’s dollars: Needs per month – Home ($1400) Home maintenance ($400 per ...
Weekend Reading

Weekend Reading – Model Portfolios, wealthy habits, death and taxes, and more!

Welcome to another Weekend Reading edition folks, some of the best articles from the personal finance and investing blogosphere. Here are my articles that got some attention this week: I wrote about why I’m still a bit discouraged about retirement. I provided a take on dishwasher costs. I mentioned with the start of a new year comes new Tax Free Saving Account contribution room, sharing some investment ideas here. Here are some great articles I checked out this week.  Enjoy your weekend folks and take care. Canadian Couch Potato released ...

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