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Using Capital Losses to offset Capital Gains – My Case Study

Some investors planning for retirement using exclusively registered accounts such as RRSPs and TFSAs, and/or contributing to a generous workplace pension plan (if they are lucky enough to have one) may not need to worry about managing capital gains or losses.  In addition to registered accounts some investors may choose to use taxable accounts to save for retirement.  Let’s look at some facts before my case study. Some Capital Gains Facts A capital gain occurs when you make money from selling an investment for more than you paid for it. If ...
Weekend Reading 7

Weekend Reading – Hacking gift cards, cutting fees, brain foods and more

It was a busy week on My Own Advisor! In case you missed it: This was the latest dividend income update on our journey to retirement. I shared this financial freedom story from Phil, a reader of this site who happily retired on his 39th birthday.  Impressive. In support of Financial Literacy Month #FLM2014 I shared these must-know mortgage tips. Enjoy the following Weekend Reading articles from the week that was and see you here next week.   Thanks for reading and sharing the articles on this site. Stephen Weyman showed us how to hack gift cards ...

Mortgage Tips for Homeowners of All Ages

If you’ve applied for a mortgage or renewed your mortgage you already know these processes can be stressful, time consuming, daunting and fraught with lots of questions.  No doubt questions like:  “Did I think of everything?”, “Am I getting the best rate?” and “Is my term right for me?” have crossed my mind over the years; they still do. For today’s post during Financial Literacy Month #FLM2014 I thought I’d collate some mortgage tips for homeowners of all ages.  This post is actually somewhat of a self-help article since I’ll ...

Smart Saving and Investing Advice: My Story

Who am I? Just a guy that met my lady in university with a dream to live happily ever after… Here’s my story about smart saving and investing that allowed me to step away from the working world, earlier than most. Just Like You – Starting Out For me (and maybe just like you) schooling was not my passion. I worked hard in university but not enough to secure scholarships to fund my way. I had to fund my own post-secondary education (and so did my wife for the most part). To make ends meet I held down a few jobs while struggling with my engineering ...
Dividend Income

October 2014 Dividend Income Update

Canadians have been urged to save more for retirement.  There are some good reasons for that.  On average we’re living longer and that longevity risk has the potential to derail our financial plans.  There are also other risks that need to be controlled.  Those include: Volatility – the magnitude of losses and gains over time due to market swings. Financial risk – how much decline in your portfolio you can accept given the need to preserve capital. Erosion of purchasing power – there are risks that investment returns will not keep pace ...

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