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I started investing when I was in my early 20s after reading David Chilton’s The Wealthy Barber.  I started my investing journey, albeit blindly all those years ago by putting my hard-earned money into big-bank mutual funds and paying high management expense fees (MERs) in the process.  Little did I know how much these fees would kill my portfolio returns over the years.  Over the years, I’ve read books and I’ve learned to pay close attention to where, how and when to invest my hard-earned dollars.  I’ve also learned to be wary of the financial industry.  Why?   The way I see it, nobody cares more about my money than I doYou should feel the same about your hard-earned dollars.

My Own Advisor is a personal finance and investing blog dedicated to chronicling my journey to financial independence. Personal finance and investing is a growing passion of mine and I will be using this site to post my thoughts, opinions and journey to financial freedom being my own amateur financial advisor.

Our plan is to grow our investment portfolio to over $1 million to retire on, outside any pensions from work and outside our paid off home.  We hope to reach these goals by age 50.

Is our goal too high?  Are we reaching for the stars?  Follow my blog and find out!

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