2014 Financial Predictions

Just for kicks, because I have no idea what the future holds, I thought I’d share some financial predictions for 2014.  Here they are:

  • The Dow Jones Industrial Average will finish the year at 16,700.  It opened the year around 16,441.
  • The S&P/TSX Composite will finish the year at 14,200.  It opened the year around 13,594.
  • Our Canadian Dollar will finish the year at $0.90 compared to the US Dollar.  It opened the year around $0.94.

Other predictions…at some point this year:

  • Fortis (FTS) will increase their dividend.
  • Telus (T) will increase their dividend.
  • Walmart (WMT:US) will increase their dividend.
  • AT&T (T:US) will increase their dividend.
  • My Own Advisor will giveaway more stuff on this site. 🙂

I read here that U.S. large-cap stocks won’t see the same stellar returns as in 2013, but will still deliver 10%, predicts Bob Doll, chief equity strategist at Nuveen Asset Management LLC, with $118 billion in assets under management.

Let’s see how I compare with Mr. Doll and other experts later this year.

Any financial predictions you want to share for 2014?

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8 Responses to "2014 Financial Predictions"

  1. Interesting predictions! I’ve also read many analysts say the large-cap US equities wont be able to match their performance of 2013. My plan is to invest in some Canadian ETFs as I think the Canadian markets are due for a bounce-back year.

    I also predict (and hope) Fortis increases their dividend as I own shares 🙂

    1. I was writing back and forth with a good friend of mine and we both think 2014 will have returns nowhere near 2013, although you could hope.

      My wish is for a stock market crash. Then I can buy some new stuff cheaper. I don’t think I’ll get my wish. Hopefully FTS and the other 20+ stocks I own all increase their dividends. That would be nice set of raises 🙂

  2. My predictions:
    -municipal taxes will go up
    -the cost of pork will go up (poor little piglets)
    -any stocks I buy will go down
    -if I shift out of bonds they will go up

    All of which means I predict I will need to earn and save more money this year to break even.

    PS How many years has FTS raised dividends in a row, now?

    1. I think Fortis has raised their dividend for 41 years in a row. It will be 42 years, this year 🙂 I think our taxes are going up as well in Ottawa. Could be 5% or more. Sucks.

      I hope for any stocks I intend to buy, the prices absolutely tank first. Here’s hoping!

  3. Interesting predictions! mine:
    – DJ gets to at least 17000
    – TSX will drop a lot
    – The CAD I think it might get to 0.80, Canadians should get more US currency exposure if they don’t have some already (VUN.TO)
    – Europe and Japan will do well (VDU.TO)


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