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Weekend Reading

Weekend Reading – Indexing is too big, stock buys, giveaways and more

Welcome to my latest Weekend Reading edition.  I found some great articles this week from the blogosphere but before you read that list make sure you check out my recent articles. Read here about my own case study, realizing a capital loss to offset some capital gains. Thanks to this passionate index-investor, we got some advice about making our portfolios safer and better. Enjoy the rest of the best and see you here again next week when I will share some of my personal finance ah-ha moments. Vanguard Canada wrote about indexing getting too big.  ...

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Stop worrying, make your portfolio safer, and choose better investments

Richard is a fan of My Own Advisor and a passionate index-investor. The media makes it sound so easy: “Don’t sell when the market is down.” “Stick to your plan.” Right. But when we keep hearing these messages how is it that investors keep making those mistakes? Stop Worrying When I started out I was confused and nervous because of all the financial advice that came my way seemed hard to follow.   These days I rarely get worried and when bad news comes out I just smile and remember that everything is ok. Why? The biggest ...

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Using Capital Losses to offset Capital Gains – My Case Study

Some investors planning for retirement using exclusively registered accounts such as RRSPs and TFSAs, and/or contributing to a generous workplace pension plan (if they are lucky enough to have one) may not need to worry about managing capital gains or losses.  In addition to registered accounts some investors may choose to use taxable accounts to save for retirement.  Let’s look at some facts before my case study. Some Capital Gains Facts A capital gain occurs when you make money from selling an investment for more than you paid for it. If ...

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Weekend Reading 7

Weekend Reading – Hacking gift cards, cutting fees, brain foods and more

It was a busy week on My Own Advisor! In case you missed it: This was the latest dividend income update on our journey to retirement. I shared this financial freedom story from Phil, a reader of this site who happily retired on his 39th birthday.  Impressive. In support of Financial Literacy Month #FLM2014 I shared these must-know mortgage tips. Enjoy the following Weekend Reading articles from the week that was and see you here next week.   Thanks for reading and sharing the articles on this site. Stephen Weyman showed us how to hack gift cards ...

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Mortgage Tips for Homeowners of All Ages

If you’ve applied for a mortgage or renewed your mortgage you already know these processes can be stressful, time consuming, daunting and fraught with lots of questions.  No doubt questions like:  “Did I think of everything?”, “Am I getting the best rate?” and “Is my term right for me?” have crossed my mind over the years; they still do. For today’s post during Financial Literacy Month #FLM2014 I thought I’d collate some mortgage tips for homeowners of all ages.  This post is actually somewhat of a self-help article since I’ll ...

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